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Jun 11, 2018

Today we will talk to Vin Armani about declaring independence. What struck me about his talk at Liberty Forum was that it was not a tired lecture on the the historical relevance of our Declaration of Independence here, it was an evaluation of what sparks people to choose to be free, and what character elements one needs to have to do it. We also have a crypto tip from our friend Kurt.

Show Resources

What Mother Nature is providing

  • Poke Weed, Tiger lillies - Lilium lancifolium, Basil
  • Cabbage
  • Broccoli
  • Yellow squash begins
  • Raspberries are ripe
  • Garlic is coming out of the ground this week
  • And we’ve still got elderberry blooms to fritter up, as well as red clover flowers to harvest and dry for tea

Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • We got our first round of beets to pickle

Harvest Bounty

  • Letting Tomato Suckers get about 6-8 inches long them putting them in the ebb and flow bed to root for future transplant
  • Starting to plan which plants will leave the system and go to Kurt’s where the Middle TN GSD crew is planning to do an aquaponics installation this weekend

Questions from Listeners

From Amy on FB: "I've been enjoying your podcasts for quite a while. I enjoy them bc I'm homesteading not far in N. Alabama and our climates are very similar. I'm wondering if you or your TN audience would like to share what counties in TN you think are great for finding good homesteading land for a good price. I'm planning to look for some land on the other side of the state line. Also any reasons TN is so awesome in general to homestead in?"

Operation Independence

  • Something has been added to the Independence fund - we just don’t know what
  • Community and self reliance
  • Thanks Knighthawk
  • Kurt’s segment on

Declaring Independence with Vin Armani

  • A conversation about Satyagraha, crypto, declaring independence for yourself, what is none of your business, self ownership and more.

Make it a great week! Song:

Jun 4, 2018

Today we talk about animals on the homestead, and more particularly training animals on the homestead. This is not the all-successful animal trainer’s view of getting your animals in line telling you how to achieve impossible results with just one week of practice when they have spent a lifetime learning. This will be a discussion of the benefits of training your livestock and some ideas on how to do that, as well as stories and examples of things I have done well here at the Holler Homestead === and not so well.

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What Mother Nature is providing

  • Poke Weed
  • Tiger lilies - Lilium lancifolium
  • Lettuce
  • Garlic flowers
  • Chard
  • Dill
  • Basil

Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Using up non-pickled beets
  • Drying last year’s garlic to make garlic powder

Harvest Bounty

  • The 5 foot tomato was really 4 feet. NOW it is 5 feet and the blight begins
  • Trellising
  • Sweet potato greens are ready

Questions from Listeners:

  • What exactly do 'you' do with dandelions. Do you roast the root, dry the leaves for tea, etc. How do you best use the 'weed'?
  • What do 'you' do with mullein. Do you simply dry the leaves and then use it for hot tea?
  • How do you make your comfrey salve? Do you get the bees wax from your bees or do you buy it?
  • Compostable toilets--can it really be as easy as a 5 gallon bucket and sawdust? Operation


  • $50 in the independence fund - rental property faucet and why basic skills are important
    The hack saw that saved the day

Topic of the day: Training Animals on the Homestead

  1. Learn the animal’s perspective. Observe - every day.
  2. Find out what motivates them
  3. Figure out what you need to train them to do, or not to do
  4. Schedule your time to train them

Membership Portal

And with that, go out and Make it a great week!

Song: Mr. Clammy by Sauce

May 29, 2018

Today, we walk through all the endeavors here at the Holler Homestead and assess if we are in track, where to focus and how to move forward. Assessing your progress along the year is important to developing the lifestyle you want, building independence and stability and staying focused.

What Mother Nature is providing

  • Poke Weed
  • Elderflower Fritters
  • Watercress is done until it cools down
  • Seeing unripe wild raspberries on the vines

Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Corn is used up! Celebrating
  • Strawberry Geranium Jam

Harvest Bounty

  • Lettuce and chard
  • The 5 foot tall tomato
  • Vining plants are ready for trellising

Operation Independence

  • $50 in on the replaced plug

Make it a great week!

Song: Mr. Clammy


May 22, 2018

Today, I want to circle back on community, self-reliance, and side hustles. You see, we had a great Spring Workshop here in late April, and some pretty cool relationships came from that. And not just the - oh hey I met you at a workshop kind, but some real relationships. My next door neighbor has worked two days at another participant’s farm, there is another gathering coming up this weekend that has coordinated itself, and so much more. 

What Mother Nature is providing

  • Hemlock is flowering
  • The usuals for salad: hairy vetch, watercress, dandelion
  • Garlic scapes!!
  • Salad
  • Sprouts are back up and running since I am home

Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Farmers market update: All salads all the time - things are waaay behind this season
  • Staying the course on using things up

Harvest Bounty

  • We lost about 5 of the 20 fish 

Operation Independence

  • Update on the new schedule: Today has been the first day I was able to really follow it.
  • The AirbnB is open for the season and we are getting lots of rent

Song: Wolf by Sauce

May 16, 2018

Today, we explore why adding creative pursuits into your life helps you succeed in other areas, even if you are not the best in show in whatever creative thing you choose to learn. You may be wondering what this has to do with designing a successful and happy life, homesteading, freedom, or side hustles. Here’s the thing. It’s hard to justify it in a pithy soundbite. But creative pursuits result in physical, mental and emotional benefits. So hang with me on this and I hope you will find ways to reprogram yourself through creative pursuits as you design the life you love.

This episode is dedicated to Puff --- our kitty that was with us for too short a time.

What Mother Nature is providing

  • Asparagus
  • Goldenseal, a plant rife with medicinal uses
  • Salve season is here with the comfrey and jewelweed right at perfect harvest size for this purpose.
  • Aquaponics update: Another salad has resulted from the system, which is crankin out some growth. We added 20 goldfish last night and have lost one so far. And I did plant all the seeds in advance of what was supposed to be a rainy day. It’s sunny. And blazing hot.

Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Still getting set up to dry teas for the winter
  • Hoping to see beets at the farmers market soon.

Operation Independence
13 hours in the car with Mama Sauce has helped me restructure time in a way that I think will leave more room for creative pursuits - guys - if you can’t afford a consultant to help you deconstruct your choices as you build your life the way you want it, find some close friends and ask for coaching from them. The outside view is instrumental in helping you get more effective and this long talk with mama sauce really helped me adjust some priorities that were more oriented toward urgent rather than important.

Five benefits of building creative pursuits into your life.

Song: Feed My Hunger by Sauce

Make it a great week!

May 7, 2018

Today, I want to share with you a beginner’s perspective on Aquaponics. At the LFTN Spring Workshop, two awesome guys installed an Aquaponics system here, so I got to witness first hand how to install something right the first time, AND we have been using it for a week now. One of the things that has kept me from doing aquaponics here has been how hard it sounds to set something up, so having this in place is a big deal. So for those of you out there thinking about aquaponics, or even those who are not sure it is a good idea, I want to let you know what it is like as a beginner to launch and learn about Aquaponics.

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Membership Portal

What Mother Nature is providing

  • Watercress is winding up
  • Hairy vetch, chickweed and deadnettle
  • Stinging nettle is blooming here and will die back until fall, unless we get rainy/cooling in the next month or so
  • Asparagus
  • Goldenseal, a plant rife with medicinal uses
  • Tea time: lemon balm, blackberry and raspberry leaves. There should be bee balm, but I must have managed to kill my patch of it. 

Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Putting up dried herbs and tea makings - both for flavor and medicinal. Creek mint is ready to harvest. 
  • Beeswax
  • Story: the swarming bees - when 2 hives become 4, plus 2 off site

Harvest Bounty

  • Aquaponics are in and we are setting strategies for where/how we will run vines.
  • Garlic should scape out in the next few weeks.

Stretching meals

  • Workshop leftovers

Operation Independence

  • Mama Sauce came and helped do another round of get rid of the clutter - which frees us to focus on the important rather than the urgent
  • Spring Workshop ROCKED and is a foundation in our walk toward independence. 
  • Taxes are back on the todo list right after carnegie hall.

Speaking of Carnegie: May 12th, 2pm meet up in New York at a pub near Carnegie Hall. The Irish Pub:  837 7th Ave, New York, NY 10019. DO check on our Facebook page and website though because if it is full, we will adjust our plans. Just look for the chick with the cowboy hat.

Why Aquaponics: Things grow too well in Tennessee - by which I mean the wrong things grow too well and with the coffee business, I wanted to have time to devote to coffee.

Project goal: Aquaponics that looks great in front of the house so Mark does not make me remove it, pays for itself or even earns money, runs itself when I am away in case Mark is out working on the paper.

Lesson 1: Aquaponic is much easier than it seems when you start learning about it.

Lesson 2: Installation can be cheap and hard work, or more expensive and quick and easy

Lesson 3: It is frightening how fast things grow

Lesson 4: You can plant things closer together - and kill things fast.

Lesson 5: It’s not about the fish

Make it a great week!

Song: Special by Sauce

May 2, 2018

Today, we review the good, the bad, the ugly from the Living Free in Tennessee Spring Workshop with The Tactical Redneck, one of our participants. All in all, things went well, folks got to learn from each other about homesteading things, a surprise session on how to capture bee swarms happened, and we even got to be intimately involved with a real aquaponics installation. It was a good time, and we hope that the relationships forged at this event will serve all those who were here well for years to come.

Make it a great week!

Song; Cilly Song, by Sauce

Apr 16, 2018

Today we talk through 7 steps to take to deescalate tense situations, talk about bees and bee swarms, and share stores of what has gone on at the Holler Homestead over the past week or so. This spring has run away and we had snowflakes this morning, as well as some fun goaty antics.

Apr 9, 2018

Today we talk about 10 tips for coordinating a workshop on your own property. Want to know why? Well, selfishly, this is in part because ALL I am thinking about right now is workshop details. And also because I know lots of you are on your own side hustle or entrepreneurial adventure. It is so cool when you send me emails about what you are up to. And you guys have neat skills that not everyone has. When you are in this situation, it becomes tempting to host a workshop and share the knowledge. So today, we will go over some early lessons I have learned getting the LFTN18 Spring Workshop up and running.

What Mother Nature is providing

  • Dryad’s Saddle
  • Watercress is getting long in the tooth, deadnettle and wild mustard flower
  • Raspberry leaves for tea
  • Mint is starting to come on

Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Play a little help from our friends
  • The snakes were tamed by a very special set of visitors who reminded me to have fun no matter what - and fun we did have.
  • The sweet potato slips
  • Using up the canned goods: Weekend stew
  • Making pickled quail eggs for the spring workshop.

Getting the gardens ready

  • Seedling update - Houston we had a problem
  • Getting materials for the Aquaponics system - and also getting excited

Operation Independence

  • Metal scrap pays for gas tomorrow
  • Outdoor composting toilet is ready to go
  • Last week’s trip to Houston will knock out one of my debts

The 10 tips for hosting a workshop on your homestead

Organize your schedule around a foundational speaker.

  1. Organize your schedule around a foundational speaker.
  2. Give yourself at least 6 months or a year to get this right: Marketing, mechanics of web sign up, overview emails, getting your grounds read, all take a ton of time.
  3. Events a bloody expensive.
  4. Infrastructure need to have vs nice to have list - then cut the need to have list in half and set realistic participant expectations.
  5. When someone offers to help, find a way to let them help. Your community helping you go toward the same mission is what will make or break you.
  6. Hire help. You may be really good at catering these things. You dont actually have time to do that. Know the roles, write them down, have some backups ready to go.
  7. Empower the participants to make things better. (Slack)
  8. Organize early and often. Remember the little things are the most important.
  9. Inform your neighbors
  10. Do a run of show two weeks in advance


And remember this tip from one of our friends: You will always wish you had 2 more weeks to get ready (from David at Cider Hollow)

And with that, go out, and make it a great week!

Song: Thanks Dave, Sauce

Apr 2, 2018

It’s been awhile since we explored a freedom topic, and as most of you know, the ability to live life as freely as possible is one reason that Mark and I have chosen to go on this homesteading journey. So today, I thought that it might be fun to examine something about freedom that most people don’t talk much about: building the ability to know what is none of your business. You’ve all heard the term “Nimby” right? Well today we will walk through that, along with our usual segments and a few tales from the Holler.

Direct Download

What Mother Nature is providing
• Dryad’s Saddle
• Watercress, deadnettle and wild mustard flowers
• Poke and hairy vetch should be coming out soon

Tales from the Prepper Pantry
• The blue bins and resulting can of snakes
• Pickled beets in deviled eggs
• Three final squashes to be buried in the garden
• Onions still hanging in there
• 8 jars of turkey stock put up

Getting the gardens ready
• Seedlings are in place
• Need to trim the raspberries and thin out the wood chips
• Hoping to see asparagus soon

Stretching meals
• Turkey: Cooked on Sunday and lasted the whole week, yielding 8 jars of stock put up, 2 cans of stock in the fridge, 1 large stew, turkey tacos, and turkey scramble. Even the pigs got in on the scramble because I made too much. The turkey cost $11, carrots and other ingredients cost about $8 and we hardly had anything but turkey related items all week.

>>Surprise savings ninja segment

Operation Independence
• The pump replacement store
• Workshop preparations
o Composting toilet
o House of cards cleanup project
o Outdoor shower redo

Questions to ask yourself as you explore the question: What is None of your Business?

Song: Feed My Hunger by Sauce

Mar 27, 2018

A friend asked me, while looking at a carcass to cut up on his butchering table, how I would butcher a lamb if I had one here for Mark and me. So today, we will talk about how to process your spring lamb - or goat - for two. 

What mother nature is providing

  • Watercress season is here
  • Wild mustard flowers - as usual in time for Easter
  • Dead nettle and chickweed
  • Dandelion greens and flowers

Tales from the prepper pantry

  • The tools are organized!
  • The last onions have landed in my kitchen - I kept finding more
  • Avocado quinoa salad.
  • Butternut squash bisque this week

Stretching Meals

  • Turkey cycle again this time, but with new recipes - we will share some next week.

Operation Independence

  • The trout conundrum as they relate to operation independence. Help please.
  • What is the Independence Fund anyway?

  Great resource for cutting up a lamb from the Guardian of all places:  

Make it a great week!

Song: Cilly Song, by Sauce

Mar 19, 2018

Today, we are going to talk about some fun projects we did over the last week here at the Holler Homestead. There were some changes that needed to be done because of the pig, some fun wild plants popping up, goat hijinks and more. And yes, as usual, nothing went as planned but a bunch of stuff got done. This really makes me think the most important skill you can develop if you plan to integrate homesteading practices into your life is troubleshooting and keeping things flexible.

What mother nature is providing
More rain
Stinging nettle
Dead nettle (for salad)
Egg recipe of the week: Tuna egg salad

Getting the Gardens Ready
Story: Farmers market meeting

Tales from the prepper pantry
Cleared out everything but the last 7 onions and 2 butternut squashes in the root cellar. Reorganizing it for the summer months
Using up green beans and beets at a fast clip now that the new crops are about to be upon us
BBQ story

Stretching Meals
The Boston Butt Project

Operation Independence
Pig shelter story

Make it a great week!

Song: Dr Feeley, Dr. Skinner by Sauce

Mar 13, 2018

How are you doing moving toward your goals? These past few weeks have had me thinking pretty hard about how simple it is to set a set of priorities in your life and family, then use them as a filter through which to make choices. It is so simple, in fact, that it is hard. Then I got to reading a book I was helping someone right and one of their chapter titles was “Organized people who are wrong beat disorganized people who are right every time.”  

What mother nature is providing

  • Watercress
  • Shagbark
  • Stinging Nettle
  • Mullein
  • Wild Garlic

Getting the Gardens Ready

  • Wood chipping in the garden space
  • Trimmed up the peach tree and elderberries

Tales from the prepper pantry

  • The Sweet potatoes have rotted
  • Still have butternut squash - the powerhouse of the pantry

Operation Independence

  • Another load of pallets arrives this week
  • New Well Pump Installation
  • Slogging through the taxes one day at a time

Make it a great week! Song: Belly Dancing Vamp Tune, Sauce

Mar 5, 2018

We are going to talk about life and more importantly life today, not yesterday, and not tomorrow. You hear people say all the time to live in the now but that seems kind of weird, right? I mean, if I just do what I want every day to be in the now, then when tomorrow comes, I will have used up all my cash and will end up out on the street. Well, maybe living in the now but being aware of the future is important. We will cover more of that in the main topic of the show.

What mother nature is providing

  • I don’t really know, but Houston has chick weed
  • Watercress and Mint
  • It froze again so some of the early starts and the daffodils will be beaten back when I get home
  • Crappie

Getting the Gardens Ready

  • All it does is nothing

Tales from the prepper pantry

  • There will be a pig in the freezer when I get back so we will be makin bacon
  • Centering meals around the meat in the freezer that needs to go. Goal is to keep as healthy as possible.
  • Really focused on using up the canned goods
  • Sugar snap peas, radishes and tangerines

Stretching Meals

  • In a hotel:
    • Tamales
    • Sushi
    • Rotisserie chicken and salad
    • Uber eats

Operation Independence

  • We are not going to have to buy pork for awhile...
  • Focusing on operation yearly income through facilitation projects at least once a month

Song: Special by Sauce

Feb 27, 2018

Today  we have a great interview with Chef Brett Corrieri, the instructor from Cider Hollow Farm's pork processing class. Brett walks us through the process to dry cure a ham, and describes why you would want to eat it a little too well. Also today, we have a roundup of sweet potato recipes from you, the listener. 

Goat Video

Sweet Potato Recipes

Oven baked sweet potato fries (or cubes) Peel and cut 2-3 lbs sweet potatoes Coat with olive oil, toss with 1 tsp paprika (sweet Hungarian paprika if you've got it) 1 tsp cinnamon and 1/2 tsp salt. Bake 425F for about 30 minutes, stirring and turning after 15. Should be slightly crisp on the edges, soft in the middle. Yum!

Josh's Roundup Sweet potato chili  Sweet potato flatbread NC Sweet Potato Tortillas Squash Sweet Potato Chili Interesting recipe Sweet potato fritters Ginger Sweet Potato Cheesecake SP Garlic Mac N Cheese SP Hummus Soul SP

From Tamlyn TWICE-BAKED SWEET POTATOES Bake sweet potatoes like usual, cool, halve, and scoop out flesh (be gentle, the shells tear easily). Mix with minced garlic or shallot, beaten egg(s), salt, pepper (be generous), Brie (rind removed and diced small), fresh thyme and a little rosemary. Bake @400 on greased, foil-lined pan for ~25 minutes. Remove when tops are beginning to brown and allow to cool before serving. (Adapted from Barefoot Contessa’s

Make it a great week everyone! Song: Strange Child by Sauce

Feb 19, 2018

Today, we’ve got a good one with an exploration of how well goats work for weed control, as well as some tactics we have learned about over the past “almost year” of having these playful little devils -- and they are devils -- on our land.

What mother nature is providing

  • Shagbark Hickory Update
  • Deadnettle is starting to spring up
  • Bees legs are full of pollen
  • Watercress may be big enough this week to harvest a round
  • Bad mushroom year - all my best logs are gone
  • Sprouts 
  • Eggapalooza -

Getting the Gardens Ready

  • Seedling trays - maybe - big trip to houston coming up and not sure if things will be in place
  • Special replay this week: Growing your Own Seedlings.
  • Mud farming - facial idea

Tales from the prepper pantry

  • Marty the pig will graduate in a few weeks - a confession
  • Laying plans to eat more green beans - for some reason this year we’ve been finding lots of collard greens and not hitting the canned stores
  • Still swimming in sweet potatoes - anyone got some fun recipes?
  • Onions from last fall will be done in about two weeks, just as the wild garlic is coming on 

Operation Independence

  • Duplex taxes are done - so much more to do on taxes
  • Arranged for Marty to be processed

Make it a great week!

Feb 12, 2018

Today, we are going to talk about something that several of you have brought up recently: How to navigate a big move. I have moved across the country several times, as well as overseas for a year and learned a thing or two along the way. As it turns out, some of you see your path toward standing on your own in another place from where you are. Places with lower property taxes, or no income tax, or less zoning restriction. Places where you are more free to just get a business started without filling out a million forms. And moving can be so costly! I will share with you some lessons learned in the trenches on this one.

5 NEW SPOTS OPEN: Spring Workshop

Direct Download

What mother nature is providing

  • Trying out some shag bark tea this week (Hickory)
  • Sprouts
  • Wild garlic
  • Sunchokes

Getting the Gardens Ready

  • Have seeds in hand and about ready to start the peppers
  • Aquaponics changes everything

Tales from the prepper pantry

Stretching Meals

  • Sweet potato chili: $8, 14 meals - less than $1 a meal.

Operation Independence

  • Invested time at Liberty Forum in expanding the podcast reach - we will see how that goes. I developed a new speech that I can give anywhere now.
  • Kept up on the weekly finance
  • Really need to just do my taxes.

7 thinks to think about before making a big move.

Make it a great week!

Song: Learning What Leaving Is, by Sauce

Feb 5, 2018

Today, I am going to talk with you about opportunity and simplification. Simplification is the top of people's minds for so many right now as they declutter their closets, re-examine their priorities and see opportunities come to fruition.

And opportunity is the name of the game.

Here at the Holler Homestead, we have been on 18 months of growing side hustles as I transitioned to a different way of life, and, well, the opportunities just keep coming in.


Direct Download


What mother nature is providing

  • Wild garlic is here - well it was always here, but it has made itself known.
  • My favorite herb of the 2017/18 winter: Mullein
  • Chicken eggs are back!

Getting the Gardens Ready

  • Setting my growing plans bit late this year - second tier priority

Tales from the prepper pantry

  • Elderberry syrup
  • Hunting the rotting potato
  • Almost through the salsa we canned
  • I haven’t bought Garlic in 10 years

Stretching Meals

  • Meatballs in stroganoff: $9+$2+$2=$13 (6 meals),
  • Meatballs in lasagna: $1+$2=$3 (6 meals),
  • Meatballs with rice and greens: $2+$1=$3 (4 meals).
  • Total:$1.18 per meal.

Operation Independence

  • Caught up on the finance review, but not the declutter goal.
  • Had to prepare to be gone for a week and precooked some things to make it easier on Mark and save money
  • Cover over the camper *might* be done - no one can find my drill battery charger.

  5 Ways to simplify your life

  1. Just Say NO. Every time you say yes, you a trading a bit of yourself. Is it worth it?
  2. Journal, meditate or pray each day - find your time - focus on whatever is in your way then let it go.
  3. Implement systems thinking: Declutter and organize and maintain
  4. Schedule time with your humans (Prioritize relationships)
  5. Schedule in time to grow your skills - books, new skills, expand your capability

Of course there are many ways to simplify your life, but it is not simple to do them all. And when you make space for serenity, you also make space for opportunity. Next week, I am doing an episode on lessons learned from moving across the country. Do you have specific things you want to know about? Send your questions to me. Make it a great week! Song: Thanks Dave, Sauce

Jan 22, 2018

Today, I am going to talk with you about how to cure ham. This topic is robust enough that we could do several shows on it in fact. I even reached out to my buddy, Chef Brett, to get his take on the dry curing method alongside my brining approach to this conundrum. He and I will have a curing interview later this week.

Jan 19, 2018

Today, I’ve got a whole bunch of stull lined up for you, some of which I meant to tell you last week, but ran out of time. We are going to go through some lessons learned on budgeting for the homestead - Ive collected them from various sources, most of whom are not natural budgeters and we will talk about something I learned this week: How to square a pole barn with a measuring tape, stakes and string.


Jan 12, 2018

Today I am joined by Brian Norton of Food Forest Farms as he talks about his trials and tribulations along the road toward starting a micro roasting business, breaking out of corporate America, and more! References:

Food Forest Farms

Brian's Kickstarter

Jan 8, 2018

Today, we talk about what we did to deal with the unusually  long cold spell in Tennessee this year. This includes strategies for dealing with cold when your housing isn't built for it. We also announce the Spring workshop registration process and go over the membership portal.

Dec 24, 2017

It is amazing to me how adding music to a great poem can bring more life to it. This is the final in a series of four versions of the Night Before Christmas with a special song, performed live on Dec 3, 2017 in Cookeville, TN, by the Cookeville Mastersingers and the music wsa arranged by Simone.

Merry Christmas all!

Dec 23, 2017

Today may be the night before the night before Christmas for us here in the US, but our friends in Australia are already there. For them, it IS the night before Christmas. A friend from down under recorded this version of the poem for us with a few adjustments made for her local environment. Thank you AussieRo.

Dec 22, 2017

Join us for the second in a series for 2017 of poems read from throughout the world. This version of The Night Before Christmas comes from me, recording from Tennessee. It is followed by a performance of Jingle Bells, recorded live on December 3, 2017 in the Wanntenbarger Auditorium by the Cookeville Mastersingers and arranged by Don Large.

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