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Jan 3, 2024

Today, I am talking with Kenny G from R3 Contingencies about being prepared for travel, both by car and by plane, as well as developing situational awareness while planning your trips.

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Main content of the show

Kenny G started R3 contingencies in 2020, Since then he has helped expand their services. So they can help if you lost everything from your cell phone charger to a full suit, to giving you a plan after a break-in.

Why should I prep for travel? I have a good travel agent isn't that enough?

What should I be concerned with road trips I have AAA is'nt the best thing to have?

What is the most common problem you see and what is the easiest way to prevent it?

How about flying?

What if I want to travel internationally?

What if it's for business vs pleasure? Does it change my travel plans?

Make it a great week

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00:03.643 --> 00:09.346

Howdy, everybody, and welcome to today's live interview with Kenny G. Kenny G, you going to play some music?

00:11.448 --> 00:12.228

Maybe a little later.

00:12.248 --> 00:14.569

I think I forgot my guitar at the show.


00:14.810 --> 00:16.230

Is Kenny G your real name?


00:17.231 --> 00:17.891

Close enough.


00:19.712 --> 00:20.293

That's right, guys.


00:20.833 --> 00:29.518

Kenny G's been on our podcast before on a different topic, but he reached out to me and said, hey, I want to talk about things people should know while traveling.


00:30.359 --> 00:30.519



00:31.329 --> 00:47.931

I kind of added because I know you're going to end up talking about this like situational awareness, something that has really struck me in the last couple of years that I've been on the road is so I was driving to Texas and you know how those alerts come over your phone that everybody turns off because they're annoying.


00:47.952 --> 00:48.873



00:49.721 --> 00:51.261

Okay, so one of those alerts came over my phone.


00:51.301 --> 00:53.022

I'm like, I have Amber Alerts.


00:53.302 --> 00:53.742

Shut off.


00:53.782 --> 00:54.442

Like, what's up?


00:54.622 --> 00:56.982

And a convict had escaped prison.


00:57.022 --> 01:00.963

So it was a different kind of alert.


01:01.383 --> 01:03.223

And he had taken people hostage.


01:04.364 --> 01:07.384

And they said, this is going on in this area.


01:07.404 --> 01:14.246

Well, I had made the critical error of following my GPS instead of my map to get around, to route around a traffic issue.


01:14.886 --> 01:16.446

So I didn't actually know where I was.


01:18.511 --> 01:23.636

And so when it said where it was, I didn't know where I where I was, where it was in relationship to that.


01:23.756 --> 01:30.864

And luckily, I had more than half a tank because I usually top off about every half tank when I'm driving somewhere long distance.


01:31.364 --> 01:33.206

And I got all the way to my destination.


01:33.226 --> 01:35.829

And it turned out I was within a couple of miles.


01:36.029 --> 01:41.795

And the guy ended up taking a family hostage, driving to Ohio and killing them before he was caught.


01:42.905 --> 01:45.507

And so that's what I mean by situational awareness.


01:45.587 --> 01:53.572

Like we get so used to technology that sometimes it's a really bad idea to just put your faith in it.


01:53.672 --> 01:55.033

But there's a lot of stuff you can do.


01:55.053 --> 01:56.074

Oh, I lost the light.


01:56.454 --> 01:59.516

There's a lot of stuff you can do between now and then.


01:59.656 --> 02:02.038

But let's start with before we jump into that.


02:02.418 --> 02:03.939

I'm just giving everybody the overview.


02:06.021 --> 02:09.283

Tell us who you are and how you ended up on LFTN anyway.


02:11.467 --> 02:14.528

Um, Ken or Kenny G if you prefer.


02:14.608 --> 02:17.630

And yes, that is the real first initial for my last name.


02:18.650 --> 02:24.372

Um, I am working or I work for the emergency concierge service, our three contingencies.


02:24.953 --> 02:27.774

We see a lot of things happen up, down, left, right.


02:28.634 --> 02:31.595

And I thought it would be a great topic here.


02:31.715 --> 02:35.357

And not to mention, I've reached out to Nicole for several things regarding business.


02:35.477 --> 02:37.338

So pay it back, right?


02:37.858 --> 02:37.998



02:38.018 --> 02:40.759

So what is our three contingencies before we jump in there?


02:41.738 --> 02:46.003

They are, as far as I know, the world's only emergency concierge service that there is.


02:47.684 --> 02:50.528

What does an emergency concierge service do?


02:51.949 --> 02:57.795

For example, let's say you go on a flight and they lose your luggage and you have a business meeting.


02:58.656 --> 03:02.861

It would have been something that we prep for and we would have clothes delivered to your hotel room.


03:04.275 --> 03:05.236

Well, that's pretty cool.


03:05.316 --> 03:13.801

With, you know, a Visa gift card if you need it, a phone charger, standard stuff that you may have forgotten or gotten lost.


03:13.921 --> 03:16.883

Or example, you run out because your kid's in the hospital.


03:17.343 --> 03:23.247

We deliver a phone charger to you, food, basic necessities, toothbrush, toothpaste, stuff like that.


03:24.226 --> 03:24.406



03:24.426 --> 03:25.207

That sounds really good.


03:25.227 --> 03:25.547



03:26.588 --> 03:26.748



03:26.928 --> 03:27.829

I found your website.


03:27.929 --> 03:30.111

So I thought I had to, you know, show it.


03:30.972 --> 03:33.234

Cause we have that capacity here.


03:33.374 --> 03:33.694



03:33.774 --> 03:35.936

So let's go back to traveling though.


03:35.996 --> 03:39.779

Cause traveling has probably taught me more about prepping than anything else.


03:40.540 --> 03:45.164

One thing I learned is you never leave the house without a snack in your bag.


03:46.414 --> 03:53.399

Because you're going to end up on a train somewhere in the middle of the night in Eastern Germany and you didn't have time to get dinner.


03:53.479 --> 03:55.560

And luckily you have that snack in your bag.


03:56.120 --> 03:59.102

But why should I prep for travel?


04:00.203 --> 04:05.526

And if I'm like with a tour group, should I still should I still prep for travel?


04:05.546 --> 04:06.167

And if so, why?


04:08.505 --> 04:10.647

Absolutely, you should still prep for travel.


04:10.907 --> 04:14.550

And prepping for travel is essential because let's face it, you never know.


04:16.311 --> 04:18.452

I live in New Hampshire, I'm really close to Boston.


04:18.833 --> 04:26.278

When the big dig was happened, I have literally driven into Boston and had the road closed that I drove in on, on the way out.


04:28.099 --> 04:29.200

Yeah, what's that mean?


04:29.220 --> 04:30.281

Do you just get stuck on the road?


04:31.901 --> 05:00.958

uh yeah i had to get rerouted and i was stuck in a traffic jam for about four hours what should have been an hour and a half trip literally took me all day and had i not done things like you know make sure my gas tank is kept half topped off bare minimum i keep a gallon of water in the car i keep cliff bars in the car i mean i know they're not the healthiest thing for you but they do help satisfy your hunger and there is such a thing as driving hangry and i would not recommend it


05:01.869 --> 05:02.469

Well, why not?


05:02.489 --> 05:06.971

Because you make stupid choices when you're hangry.


05:08.592 --> 05:11.893

I mean, I know it says no U-turn, but I don't see anyone here and I'm starving.


05:14.334 --> 05:22.897

Yeah, I took a wrong turn on my way from Oklahoma City to Tennessee, which literally all you need to do is stay on the stupid freeway, which is I-40, right?


05:23.958 --> 05:24.198



05:25.126 --> 05:27.688

But I got on the freeway going the wrong direction after getting gas.


05:27.728 --> 05:30.391

And then I took the next exit, which was a terrible idea.


05:30.511 --> 05:36.896

Ended up driving 28 miles one direction to where I could finally turn around after paying a toll and 28 miles back.


05:36.916 --> 05:41.680

And I kept looking at the gaps every so often that said, don't drive through here.


05:42.741 --> 05:45.922

And I finally like I was like, well, there's so many cars coming.


05:45.962 --> 05:47.063

I'm not going to do it right.


05:47.143 --> 05:52.685

But I was really tempted and I got to the toll booth and I asked about those things like, oh, yeah, we actually have cameras up.


05:52.705 --> 05:56.226

We would have busted your ass because people get into accidents when they do that.


05:56.826 --> 06:00.828

So I made the right choice in that turn and in that situation.


06:00.968 --> 06:06.470

But what does what does prepping for travel look like?


06:08.410 --> 06:08.970



06:09.070 --> 06:10.551

Are you flying or driving?


06:10.951 --> 06:13.631

I mean, we're talking about driving, so let's go with that.


06:13.651 --> 06:16.772

A simple low-hanging fruit is get AAA.


06:17.632 --> 06:23.974

It doesn't cost much, and if you get one tow, just one in like four years, it pays for itself.


06:24.994 --> 06:30.875

I used to work for a towing company back when I was younger and had hair, and it started out like $150 to pick you up plus $15 a mile.


06:30.915 --> 06:32.256

That adds up really, really fast.


06:38.846 --> 06:39.186



06:39.747 --> 06:46.232

So I have AAA for this reason and the poor people have had to tow me at least twice a year since I got it.


06:47.933 --> 06:52.417

And except for this year, because it's the second or third or something.


06:54.379 --> 06:59.102

What happened in 2020 with AAA is they would pick your car up, but not you.


06:59.122 --> 07:03.006

Yeah, that sounds about right.


07:03.326 --> 07:06.048

And they said they didn't want to risk giving the drivers COVID.


07:06.108 --> 07:07.129

So I was in 2020.


07:09.451 --> 07:10.411

Maybe it was 2021.


07:10.471 --> 07:11.932

It was still in effect.


07:12.092 --> 07:19.073

I get caught in the middle of the wilderness, basically, between Chattanooga and Sparta.


07:19.893 --> 07:21.714

So I'm like literally on the side of the road.


07:21.734 --> 07:22.874

There's nothing around.


07:22.914 --> 07:26.115

And they're like, well, you can't ride with the driver because of our policies.


07:27.555 --> 07:28.755

And I'm like, what am I supposed to do?


07:28.775 --> 07:29.755

You know what they told me to do?


07:29.775 --> 07:31.276

Get an Uber?


07:32.036 --> 07:32.676

Call a cab.


07:34.890 --> 07:37.215

I'm like, I don't know if you understand where I am right now.


07:37.275 --> 07:38.999

Because, you know, they're always like, are you safe?


07:39.059 --> 07:40.361

I'm like, no, I'm not safe.


07:41.143 --> 07:43.448

I'm on the side of the road in the middle of the winter.


07:44.700 --> 07:47.401

And so they were like, well, we don't know what to tell you, ma'am.


07:47.521 --> 07:49.561

This is this is the deal during covid.


07:50.502 --> 07:58.404

And that made me rethink my relationship with Triple A. Now, what I ended up doing was asking the driver if he cared if I jumped in and he said, are you sick?


07:58.464 --> 07:59.004

And I said, no.


07:59.024 --> 08:00.085

He said, then go ahead.


08:00.725 --> 08:01.485

And I did get it.


08:01.785 --> 08:03.586

Like it was a driver decision.


08:03.606 --> 08:08.147

And I did have friends coming to pick me up if that didn't happen.


08:08.167 --> 08:11.188

But they were going to have to drive like two hours to get me.


08:12.228 --> 08:14.631

Meanwhile, my car was towed, you know, because it was broken down.


08:15.011 --> 08:19.635

So what do you think about that in AAA?


08:19.675 --> 08:25.441

Like they're kind of dead to me, but not dead to me because it's the only towing service I've really found that seems to work at all.


08:26.342 --> 08:28.764

That doesn't cost you an arm and a leg when you have to get it.


08:28.784 --> 08:28.864



08:29.205 --> 08:29.445



08:30.552 --> 08:35.134

Yeah, like, okay, first of all, everyone went insane during COVID.


08:35.634 --> 08:41.617

I mean, let's face it, totally reasonable, rational people I know lost their freaking minds.


08:42.497 --> 08:46.839

So I can't fault AAA too much, and they've probably done away with that policy.


08:47.419 --> 08:53.082

Like way, way back in the day, 2010, they actually could not leave you on the side of the road.


08:53.862 --> 08:55.203

They had policies against that.


08:55.771 --> 09:00.993

If you had to like load five people into your tiny two person cab, you did it.


09:01.433 --> 09:04.014

You drive to the next exit and you let them off.


09:04.554 --> 09:09.355

But as I said, people lost their minds during COVID.


09:10.696 --> 09:12.416

Yeah, that happened once to my mom too.


09:12.436 --> 09:19.259

She was stuck in the middle of the freeway, like the middle left middle because the car went into limp mode.


09:19.279 --> 09:19.939

Do you know what that is?


09:20.993 --> 09:24.395

Yes, that is when it enters in when it only does 30 miles an hour.


09:24.516 --> 09:33.182

Oh, no, it did five, five, five in a rainstorm on I-40 won't go more than five rush hour traffic.


09:33.262 --> 09:35.883

She pulls into the left shoulder, calls AAA.


09:37.204 --> 09:40.667

And they're like, well, we can't get there for four hours.


09:42.448 --> 09:43.048

Are you safe?


09:43.088 --> 09:44.790

And I'm like, no, she's actually not safe.


09:45.578 --> 09:50.641

Like anybody could just reef into the back of that car and they go super fast and whatever.


09:50.881 --> 09:51.501

And you can't see.


09:51.982 --> 09:55.884

So the police came and they actually drove her to the next exit, which was nice.


09:57.585 --> 10:01.687

That is something you should probably look at depending on your location.


10:02.227 --> 10:06.089

Suppose the police had said, no, we don't want to wait for AAA.


10:06.109 --> 10:08.010

We're going to call one of our guys and they'll tow you.


10:09.651 --> 10:14.254

And a lot of AAA states, if they cannot get to you in a reasonable amount of time, they will pay for the tow.


10:15.586 --> 10:18.849

I have had that happen with them too, where they couldn't get there for four hours.


10:18.889 --> 10:20.130

And I said, what's my option?


10:20.170 --> 10:21.471

And they said, you get reimbursed.


10:22.731 --> 10:24.473

And then they reimbursed me 80 bucks.


10:27.315 --> 10:29.136

Yeah, that probably wasn't enough to cover the tow, was it?


10:29.356 --> 10:32.417

It actually was in that case, because I live in the middle of nowhere.


10:32.777 --> 10:33.057



10:33.657 --> 10:37.759

It would not have been the case had it been that incident in the middle of the road.


10:38.679 --> 10:40.359

So we didn't know what limp mode was.


10:40.580 --> 10:44.801

So I didn't know why the car was only going five miles per hour and going doop, doop, doop, doop, doop.


10:44.921 --> 10:47.242

But I was like, hmm, sounds like a transmission problem, right?


10:47.802 --> 10:55.344

Had I known about limp mode, I would have been like, hey, cops, let us get over to the right hand shoulder and then we'll just limp to the next exit.


10:55.464 --> 10:56.404

Down to the next exit.


10:56.504 --> 11:05.206

It seems to me that limp mode is a really dangerous thing when it drops you to five miles an hour and won't let you do anything because you basically can't get yourself out of a situation at that point.


11:05.246 --> 11:06.846

I don't have that car anymore for that reason.


11:08.606 --> 11:09.226

They're dead to me.


11:09.847 --> 11:11.227

People become dead to me easily.


11:13.737 --> 11:21.261

Well, if it's between limp mode and the car not running, I prefer limp mode because, you know, at least I can move a little bit versus some cars.


11:21.301 --> 11:23.743

They will literally just shut down and tell you, nope, not moving.


11:24.063 --> 11:25.044

But you're capable of it.


11:25.244 --> 11:25.564

Don't care.


11:25.604 --> 11:26.004

Not doing it.


11:26.664 --> 11:27.145



11:27.165 --> 11:42.634

I mean, I've driven on on rims before to get out of dangerous situations just because I'm like, I know this is going to cost me a lot, but I'd rather pay money for that than like die on the side of the road because my car had a blowout of some sort in a really dangerous place.


11:43.514 --> 11:47.436

Um, but you know, I'm a weirdo and everybody's like, why do women always do that?


11:47.476 --> 11:50.278

I'm like, cause I'm not going to get out of my car and get hit by a semi.


11:50.378 --> 11:58.121

That's why I, I feel like woman versus semi semi wins every time, every time.


11:59.402 --> 11:59.782



12:00.202 --> 12:04.405

Red fire made it says waited six hours in Austin at night with a motorcycle.


12:04.465 --> 12:04.745

So, um,


12:05.737 --> 12:09.778

How what else should you do besides have something like AAA?


12:09.798 --> 12:11.319

Because I mean, it works.


12:11.499 --> 12:12.759

It is better than nothing.


12:12.839 --> 12:18.081

It's probably the best option I found out there from a price to benefit ratio.


12:18.821 --> 12:22.702

But obviously, I have lots of stories about being stranded by AAA.


12:22.782 --> 12:24.382

And we have some in the comments here.


12:24.422 --> 12:26.623

Like, what else can you do?


12:28.985 --> 12:57.057

something else this is just very basic stuff get a floor jack one with wheels on it i don't recommend the bottle jack and the reason i say the floor jack with wheels is because if you need to you can use it to help get your lug nuts off keep your car on the ground put those stupid little bar they give you and put the jack on the side of the bar so that way when you jack it up it turns the lug because some people out there like my wife she weighs 110 pounds soaking wet


12:58.044 --> 13:02.385

If she's driving an F-250, she does not have the body mass to get that lug off.


13:03.025 --> 13:03.686

It doesn't matter.


13:03.826 --> 13:04.646

It's not happening.


13:05.346 --> 13:12.448

However, she can jack it up, then stand on it, or use the jack in reverse to retighten the bolts if she needs to.


13:14.389 --> 13:19.850

And to know how to do that, how do you know those things to do besides just that one tip?


13:22.731 --> 13:25.732

Heard a lot of horror stories and found ways around them.


13:25.752 --> 13:26.452



13:27.524 --> 13:30.086

The other thing is try to have more than your cell phone.


13:30.206 --> 13:33.268

I mean, I know, like you said, we've become so reliant on these things.


13:33.588 --> 13:34.309

It has a light.


13:34.409 --> 13:35.970

What do I need a flashlight for?


13:35.990 --> 13:37.731

You want a flashlight.


13:37.851 --> 13:43.355

If it's pouring rain out, you do not want your cell phone sitting there as you're trying to get your lugs off.


13:45.338 --> 13:51.063

And your cell phone is not as bright as something like a Streamlight or like a decent pocket flashlight even.


13:53.244 --> 13:53.825



13:53.985 --> 13:59.389

Another thing is, and I hate saying this, but dollar store glow sticks, they're not road flares.


13:59.869 --> 14:06.254

But, you know, if you buy five of them and just crack them and toss them down the road, at least they give people something.


14:06.354 --> 14:09.116

And worst case scenario, you have a glow stick light.


14:10.617 --> 14:11.738

Yeah, that makes sense.


14:11.798 --> 14:13.139

You know, I have one of those...


14:14.682 --> 14:21.028

cigarette lighter plug-in tire inflator, like compressors, it has a built-in light too.


14:21.048 --> 14:22.829

So every time it's on, it's flashlights on.


14:22.869 --> 14:27.313

Cause they just assume you need me in the middle of the night and you can't see anything outside.


14:28.574 --> 14:30.496

So that's another good one to have.


14:31.057 --> 14:34.560

The only thing I worry about with those is if your alternator dies or


14:35.094 --> 14:40.559

Because most people don't know that their alternator dies until they're going, why are my headlights getting dimmer?


14:40.879 --> 14:41.139



14:41.619 --> 14:43.401

And why did my radio stop?


14:44.122 --> 14:44.882

Oh, that's weird.


14:45.102 --> 14:48.085

So they just keep driving and then now your car is literally out of power.


14:48.906 --> 14:49.306



14:50.227 --> 14:53.008

I mean, those you're using it because you have a flat tire.


14:53.088 --> 14:56.890

And I don't know if you know this about me, but I have the flat tire curse.


14:57.971 --> 15:05.235

I may have actually finally passed it on, but there was a series of years where every time I went on any road trip of any kind.


15:06.846 --> 15:13.032

There was a tire blowout or a flat or I came out from the hotel one morning and there it was flat.


15:13.652 --> 15:20.659

And so that's why I have that thing, because I was like, OK, I can pump it up, get to where I need to go to get it patched or whatever.


15:20.699 --> 15:21.940

I do have a patch kit.


15:22.160 --> 15:24.723

I'm not terribly good at patching tires myself.


15:25.640 --> 15:28.041

But I like I can plug them if I need to.


15:28.341 --> 15:34.905

Usually it's it's a strength issue of getting the thing into the hole.


15:35.265 --> 15:35.765

The reamer.


15:35.965 --> 15:36.185



15:36.205 --> 15:36.525



15:37.266 --> 15:37.506



15:37.566 --> 15:39.507

That's that's my challenge with those.


15:39.647 --> 15:43.689

But I think like the more stubborn I am about it, the better it is.


15:43.749 --> 15:51.133

But having that way of inflating tires, no matter what, has been really helpful because I'm usually 20 miles from somewhere useful.


15:51.773 --> 15:53.515

at any given time when there's a problem.


15:53.575 --> 15:58.221

It's not like, oh, hey, look, there's a repair guy and my car just broke right here.


15:58.301 --> 16:00.944

Or there's a gas station and my car just broke right here.


16:00.964 --> 16:04.287

It's always like, okay, nope, no self service.


16:06.049 --> 16:06.770

Now what do I do?


16:06.810 --> 16:08.713

I got to get somewhere where I can go somewhere.


16:09.493 --> 16:11.736

So what's the most common?


16:12.337 --> 16:12.497



16:13.587 --> 16:18.268

Another advantage to those is, at least around here, we get weather that's like negative 20.


16:18.848 --> 16:22.389

And when it is, those gas station compressors will not work.


16:22.990 --> 16:24.930

They turn on, but they don't pump air out.


16:25.290 --> 16:29.531

Those little plug into your lighter air compressors still work.


16:30.192 --> 16:31.492

Yeah, especially if your car is warm.


16:32.692 --> 16:33.192



16:33.813 --> 16:37.734

What do you tell people to do who are driving in environments like yours where it is really cold?


16:37.754 --> 16:42.675

Like what else should they have in the car besides some, you know, basic water and food?


16:43.775 --> 17:09.888

space blanket you can buy 10 of them for like 12 bucks on amazon and they are a lifesaver and this may sound weird but believe it or not if you are broken down in a car with no gas the car will be colder than the actual outside because why is that a giant ice box something to do with the metal and thermal dynamics and some math that is just beyond me at the moment


17:10.339 --> 17:14.622

But yes, there have been multiple studies done, one of them actually done by AAA.


17:15.222 --> 17:19.465

And it turns out outside of your car actually is warmer than inside of your car at a certain point.


17:19.765 --> 17:21.627

Yeah, unless you have a windshield, I assume.


17:21.647 --> 17:23.188

That's insane.


17:23.728 --> 17:23.948



17:26.250 --> 17:26.870

Oh, the cat.


17:27.871 --> 17:28.291

What else?


17:28.612 --> 17:30.893

Space blankets, water, food, anything else?


17:31.273 --> 17:32.814

Hand warmers, anything like that?


17:33.535 --> 17:35.817

Hand warmers are a nice one to keep.


17:35.897 --> 17:37.698

However, most people lose them.


17:39.180 --> 17:41.381

I've stopped recommending them because people throw them in their trunk.


17:41.422 --> 17:45.444

Then when they need them, I can't find them or they throw them in their glove box.


17:45.524 --> 17:50.006

And then, you know, I throw 10,000 other things in my glove box and I cannot find them.


17:50.647 --> 17:54.269

You mean they don't all have a little kit in their card with all the stuff in it?


17:54.689 --> 17:55.489

No, no, no.


17:55.529 --> 17:56.110

Most people don't.


17:56.150 --> 17:59.271

They just throw it in the back of their truck or in their trunk, whatever.


18:01.713 --> 18:05.495

Another thing I tend to recommend is just some basic toiletries.


18:06.431 --> 18:09.033

Toothbrush, toothpaste, face cloth, soap.


18:10.234 --> 18:19.961

I mean, if you happen to get stuck or God forbid sleeping in your car because the roads are closed, they washed out, they had to close down the road because some guy's holding a family hostage.


18:21.142 --> 18:28.628

If you can sleep in a Walmart parking lot, go into the Walmart and just, you know, wash your face, some other necessities.


18:28.788 --> 18:30.449

It makes you feel 10 times better.


18:31.860 --> 18:32.120



18:32.180 --> 18:35.122

I know somebody who actually ended up in a Walmart parking lot.


18:35.162 --> 18:42.948

I think recently waiting for her husband when the past got just jacked up with truck trucks sliding all over the place.


18:42.968 --> 18:44.509

And luckily they got a hotel that night.


18:44.749 --> 18:50.713

That's the other thing is when they closed the highway snow or something, all of the hotels are instantly booked.


18:51.534 --> 18:51.694



18:52.655 --> 18:54.396

So how do you get your hotel room in that case?


18:54.476 --> 18:57.198

If you see a road closing, how do you get the hotel first?


18:59.209 --> 19:01.230

Go for off the beaten path.


19:01.350 --> 19:03.212

Don't look for hotels next to airports.


19:03.252 --> 19:04.332

That's what everyone goes for.


19:05.133 --> 19:07.134

And those tend to be the first ones that fill up.


19:08.175 --> 19:10.116

And this is a little tweak here.


19:10.436 --> 19:11.317

Don't look for hotel.


19:11.357 --> 19:12.157

Look for motel.


19:12.437 --> 19:13.618

Everyone looks for hotel.


19:13.938 --> 19:14.679

Those fill up.


19:14.819 --> 19:15.820

Look for motel.


19:16.480 --> 19:18.782

And you might be able to find something a little better.


19:19.942 --> 19:24.505

Downside motels tend to be a little lower quality.


19:24.645 --> 19:25.706

So, yeah.


19:26.306 --> 19:27.307

Bed bugs are a thing.


19:28.047 --> 19:28.468

Oh, yeah.


19:29.304 --> 19:35.029

Well, that and fights outside your door at certain motels.


19:35.329 --> 19:36.110

Oh, yeah.


19:36.130 --> 19:36.991

Three in the morning.


19:37.271 --> 19:37.591



19:38.212 --> 19:38.352



19:38.432 --> 19:43.076

I like to when I'm going to be if I'm at a motel that feels sketchy, which I try not to do.


19:43.756 --> 19:47.800

I love to be on the front office side of the building.


19:49.521 --> 19:52.544

Because the fights all seem to happen in the pool area.


19:53.826 --> 20:14.091

where they can't see so just a little i mean if you end up in that situation and it's safer than staying in your car then you know see if you can get located somewhere where the people who are there all night and awake all night are are also able to see your door that's super helpful um


20:15.379 --> 20:20.782

The thing I noticed, so I was one time, I've done a lot of things on I-40.


20:20.822 --> 20:22.703

This was in New Mexico.


20:23.183 --> 20:24.504

Blizzard was coming through.


20:24.524 --> 20:29.327

And one person was driving, one person was calling.


20:30.427 --> 20:33.309

to make reservations.


20:33.409 --> 20:39.995

Calling was better than the websites at that time because the websites would allow reservations to go through when there weren't rooms.


20:40.735 --> 20:41.716

So it was better to call.


20:42.197 --> 20:50.323

It's almost better to pull over for 10 minutes and find where you're going and then go rather than drive as fast as you can out of that situation.


20:50.383 --> 20:54.647

But everything was booked for hours around that closure.


20:54.687 --> 20:57.329

And I-40 was closed for a couple of days because of that blizzard.


20:58.314 --> 21:01.195

I ended up actually driving south.


21:01.916 --> 21:02.796

We didn't get a hotel room.


21:04.077 --> 21:04.717

We drove south.


21:04.737 --> 21:07.378

Because you know what happens as you go further south?


21:07.638 --> 21:09.880

Usually, it gets warmer.


21:10.780 --> 21:15.582

And eventually, we got to the rain part of the storm instead of the snow part of the storm.


21:15.622 --> 21:16.383

And then we get heavy.


21:16.423 --> 21:20.524

So we just replanned our entire route around.


21:21.285 --> 21:23.606

I'm not driving in the snow and I-40 is closed.


21:27.503 --> 21:29.025

Oh, I get that.


21:29.425 --> 21:38.395

Something I've seen is if it's a blizzard, hotels actually will put a cot in like the gym and only be like, tell you what, 50 bucks on a choice.


21:39.697 --> 21:40.438

Is it pleasant?


21:40.758 --> 21:41.078



21:41.098 --> 21:42.680

Is it better than sleeping in your car?


21:43.101 --> 21:43.361



21:44.262 --> 21:44.642



21:45.183 --> 21:46.645

That's actually not a bad play.


21:48.004 --> 21:49.265

Lots of cots in the gym.


21:49.305 --> 21:49.825

Who cares?


21:49.905 --> 21:52.326

I mean, it's actually better than dying outside.


21:53.606 --> 21:59.548

What's the most common problem you see when people are traveling and are there ways to prevent it?


22:02.229 --> 22:06.371

Most common problem, especially with flying, is lost luggage, believe it or not.


22:08.152 --> 22:11.253

There is, well, I haven't used this trick in a few years, but


22:12.637 --> 22:15.618

A friend of mine actually recommended this one to me for your carry-on.


22:16.278 --> 22:21.440

If you put a starter pistol in your bag, you have to declare that you have a gun in your bag.


22:21.940 --> 22:29.602

Starter pistols are legal in all 50 states, and they are then required to take much better care of that bag.


22:31.223 --> 22:35.304

So it increases the tracking on it and increases the odds that it'll get to your destination.


22:36.400 --> 22:45.284

Now, if you don't want to go this route, and if you don't have a starter pistol, it's just not something you want to do, it depends.


22:45.344 --> 22:46.965

Are you traveling for business or pleasure?


22:47.685 --> 22:52.807

If I'm flying for pleasure and I get there and they've lost my bag, whatever.


22:53.227 --> 22:54.828

My friends make fun of me a little bit.


22:54.948 --> 22:56.909

I wear the same clothes for a few days.


22:57.029 --> 22:57.990

I go to Goodwill.


22:58.010 --> 22:58.950

It's not a big deal.


22:59.867 --> 23:03.850

Suppose I'm traveling for business and my bag had my suit in it.


23:04.350 --> 23:10.094

This is now a significantly bigger deal because I need to go to the place and look nice.


23:10.154 --> 23:17.840

I can't show up in my travel clothes because let's face it, I look like a hobo at this point because I dress for comfort on the flight, not to impress anyone.


23:18.860 --> 23:26.186

In this case, something we recommend doing is if you're traveling locally, look up places where you could buy a replacement and get an idea.


23:27.142 --> 23:43.909

so you know i need a new suit well i don't want to buy one well there's a men's warehouse right here how much will this cost me okay cool if you're traveling internationally this changes significantly because at this point now you need to before you go look up the translations


23:45.385 --> 23:47.546

Europe does not use the same sizes we do.


23:48.326 --> 23:53.448

And if you go in there with American sizes, you are not going to get clothes that fit at all.


23:53.928 --> 24:01.430

And it can save you a lot of hassle in the long run, just looking up basic translation for sizes, especially when it comes to undergarments.


24:03.991 --> 24:07.712

The way I learned that was by being there and asking him, what size do you think I should try on?


24:10.143 --> 24:14.606

but I actually get really frustrated with the American sizes on Birkenstocks.


24:14.686 --> 24:20.811

Cause I know my Birkenstock European shoe size, which is different in a Birkenstock than other shoes in Europe.


24:21.652 --> 24:28.137

They are the same sizes, but yeah, anyway, something about the wider footbed means I can have a smaller size on that.


24:30.880 --> 24:34.262

You order them on Amazon and they're like, get size nine.


24:34.303 --> 24:35.944

And I'm like, but is it,


24:37.691 --> 24:38.812

Is it a 42?


24:39.072 --> 24:39.853

Is it a 40?


24:40.073 --> 24:40.914

Is it a 39?


24:40.954 --> 24:42.316

Like, what are you actually going to send me?


24:42.976 --> 24:46.620

So I've had a lot like it varies the translation a little bit.


24:49.322 --> 24:52.345

It varies, especially depending on undergarments.


24:55.528 --> 25:00.213

Bras in particular tend to go by much different sizes over in Europe than they do here.


25:01.491 --> 25:04.413

So that's something you need to prepare for and be aware of.


25:04.433 --> 25:11.918

I mean, I know women's sizes are all over the place anyway, but you're going to have to deal with the translation and the sizes being all over the place.


25:12.679 --> 25:15.921

Yeah, I was really frustrated because I had to order a bra here.


25:15.941 --> 25:21.525

And it's like you measure yourself under your boobs and there's a number.


25:21.545 --> 25:24.447

So one would think logically you use that number.


25:24.487 --> 25:27.769

No, you add two to four inches to that number and then you order that size.


25:28.618 --> 25:29.738

And I had to go look it up.


25:29.818 --> 25:33.699

I'm like, how do I stop getting bras that are like too tight?


25:33.739 --> 25:34.659

Cause I'm not going to wear these.


25:34.679 --> 25:35.700

I kept returning them.


25:35.720 --> 25:38.120

And I was like, Oh, because it doesn't make sense.


25:38.140 --> 25:40.421

That's why it does not make sense.


25:41.381 --> 25:41.561



25:41.581 --> 25:44.102

Men's sizes are easy, at least in America.


25:44.122 --> 25:46.242

Like you just wrap a tape measure around your waist.


25:46.262 --> 25:46.522



25:46.722 --> 25:47.043

34 inches.


25:47.343 --> 25:50.403

That's how it should be done for women.


25:50.503 --> 25:56.425

Like waist, this hip, that like, here's your size in seam.


25:56.465 --> 25:56.805

The other.


25:58.175 --> 25:58.836

Imagine that.


25:58.916 --> 26:03.599

No, we have to call them numbers so we don't admit how big around our waist are.


26:03.739 --> 26:05.620

I think it's a vanity thing here.


26:06.440 --> 26:08.301

Somebody in the comments is going to fix that for me.


26:08.321 --> 26:10.103

They're going to be like, no, it's based on blah, blah, blah.


26:11.844 --> 26:13.184

No, I agree with you.


26:13.224 --> 26:16.406

I think it's, oh my God, my hips are this big?


26:17.547 --> 26:19.909

Instead of just saying, oh yeah, you're a size 12.


26:20.429 --> 26:21.730



26:21.750 --> 26:22.430

12 is beautiful.


26:22.990 --> 26:25.392

And then 12 has changed from the 50s till now.


26:27.396 --> 26:27.977

What hasn't?


26:28.617 --> 26:30.459

Yeah, that's also true.


26:30.479 --> 26:32.921

I mean, and it will again by the next 50s.


26:32.961 --> 26:34.642

I'm not sure I'll be alive for the next 50s.


26:34.662 --> 26:35.003

We'll see.


26:37.205 --> 26:43.110

OK, well, so let's go back to getting prepared for air travel.


26:43.170 --> 26:45.812

Like, what do you recommend people do for that?


26:48.573 --> 26:52.837

Okay, the key to being prepared for air travel is being prepared for the TSA.


26:53.457 --> 26:55.639

I hate to say it, but that is the number one thing.


26:56.159 --> 26:59.162

Make sure you wear shoes that you can take off easily.


26:59.702 --> 27:06.388

Try to limit the metal on you, like your watch, your ring, whatever, take it off, throw it in your carry-on.


27:07.449 --> 27:09.610

Always make sure when you travel, you have a carry-on.


27:09.670 --> 27:16.276

Worst case scenario, at least you have, you know, a spare pair of pants, boxers, shirt, and socks that you can change into.


27:16.561 --> 27:18.942

I mean, I always need that spare pair of boxers in my luggage.


27:20.063 --> 27:20.883

I figured you would.


27:24.064 --> 27:25.685

I got what I get pulled out for.


27:25.705 --> 27:32.889

I got I actually started setting off the the thingy on my last trip.


27:34.509 --> 27:37.991

And oh, I have a metal hair comb.


27:40.313 --> 27:56.332

that on you know in nashville didn't set it off but it totally set it off at this other airport and they were like you got to take it all the way out ma'am we have to make sure that's what it is i was like okay here yeah here's my non-sharp metal hair comb


27:58.050 --> 28:03.094

The TSA is not a group you want to play a F around with.


28:03.354 --> 28:03.734



28:04.114 --> 28:07.397

And I will drag you into a side room faster than you can blink.


28:07.457 --> 28:07.757



28:07.837 --> 28:11.920

I mean, whatever it's, it's, it is important to know that I, I travel a lot.


28:11.980 --> 28:14.501

So I work really hard not to have to get pulled aside.


28:15.062 --> 28:23.708

And in the last year, because I travel with my food now, mostly to stay on my eating plan, the food trips them up more than anything else.


28:25.629 --> 28:32.016

Like, if you have a summer sausage in your bag, you can guarantee that they're going to have to look at it and make sure it's not a liquid.


28:32.977 --> 28:33.938

Oh, yeah.


28:34.498 --> 28:38.362

I have problems with highly processed food.


28:38.843 --> 28:41.586

So a lot of the times I'll pack a protein powder with me.


28:42.407 --> 28:45.570

Every time I go through, they need to get someone to test that powder.


28:46.551 --> 28:47.132

Every time.


28:48.503 --> 28:50.325

The same goes for cheese starters.


28:50.805 --> 29:02.153

Like the cheese, I did a cheese making class and I had to go through and I, you know, like when you're teaching a class, you're not going to check under the plane, risking it getting lost the culture you need to teach the cheese class.


29:03.254 --> 29:08.698

So I had this little white packet of powder and they were like, what's that?


29:08.978 --> 29:13.162

And I was like, well, it's a mesophilic culture for making cheese.


29:14.383 --> 29:14.843



29:16.363 --> 29:19.067

And they were like, yeah, we can have to get someone to do this.


29:19.448 --> 29:22.032

We need to make sure that's not cocaine, ma'am.


29:22.072 --> 29:22.773

I'm like, really?


29:24.943 --> 29:26.364

Do I look like I'm on cocaine?


29:26.384 --> 29:27.245

But I guess whatever.


29:27.545 --> 29:28.986

Maybe I do look like I'm on cocaine.


29:29.006 --> 29:30.648

I do drink a good amount of coffee.


29:33.030 --> 29:33.650

You and me both.


29:35.432 --> 29:36.693

I love me some good coffee.


29:37.754 --> 29:40.516

So let's go back to situational awareness now.


29:40.556 --> 29:45.160

Let's say I know I need to fly to Texas in May for Exit and Build Lamb Summit.


29:45.220 --> 29:49.623

And I'm going to go from Nashville to Austin.


29:50.524 --> 29:57.527

And then I'm going to like grab an Uber to wherever I'm staying for the exit and build land summit in Bastrop.


29:58.368 --> 30:09.212

How do I figure out from a just geopolitical slash whatever's going on standpoint, what I need to be aware of there?


30:09.372 --> 30:19.697

And it's sort of like, I guess the background for this question is when I flew from California home for Christmas or home here after Christmas, I got a text from my dad saying, did you make it home?


30:21.092 --> 30:21.852

And I was like, yeah.


30:21.932 --> 30:26.294

He's like, well, there were protests that shut down the airport in LAX.


30:26.334 --> 30:28.134

And I was like, well, I didn't fly out of LAX.


30:28.214 --> 30:29.815

So because I just try not to.


30:31.495 --> 30:40.558

But I know I've been in one other incident where protests and riots kind of broke out at the hotel I was in in Ferguson.


30:41.741 --> 30:49.927

Which I totally, by doing a little bit of situational analysis, could have avoided that one by just knowing what was going on in the world.


30:49.967 --> 30:54.211

So like, are there steps you recommend people take or how do we prepare ourselves for that?


30:56.212 --> 31:00.356

Depending on where you're going in the world, as you know, most places have patterns.


31:01.056 --> 31:02.077

It's something to look into.


31:02.557 --> 31:06.921

Like last time I checked, France rioted around the same time every year.


31:07.878 --> 31:09.159

Don't go to France during that time.


31:10.300 --> 31:13.143

If you get invited to stay at a place, do a little bit of Googling.


31:13.663 --> 31:18.507

This may sound basic, but look at house prices around there.


31:18.688 --> 31:25.834

If you're seeing a giant four-bedroom house that's 2,000 square feet and it's only valued at $40,000, not a good neighborhood.


31:26.615 --> 31:27.375

Not a good neighborhood.


31:29.827 --> 31:31.408

Be aware of that before going in.


31:32.248 --> 31:34.009

And most of all, listen to your gut.


31:34.409 --> 31:38.110

If your gut says, uh-oh, bad things, bad things, don't go.


31:38.130 --> 31:42.352

It doesn't matter if you're Sac-A-Meal or Navy SEAL.


31:42.912 --> 31:45.433

There are certain situations that you do not want a part of.


31:45.813 --> 31:47.894

And even if you win, you lose.


31:49.568 --> 31:59.485

and this is a tip for international travel a lot of places they have signs that say beware of pickpocket everyone does the same thing they touch their wallet when they see that sign


32:00.543 --> 32:02.083

Don't touch your wallet.


32:02.744 --> 32:04.864

If you're a woman, keep your purse zipped up.


32:05.224 --> 32:08.625

Keep it going around your body, not hanging off one shoulder.


32:09.046 --> 32:11.466

If you're a man, keep your wallet in your front pocket.


32:11.906 --> 32:13.567

No one goes for your front pocket.


32:13.887 --> 32:15.868

It is way too close to the family jewels.


32:16.288 --> 32:20.609

If someone sticks anything in my front pocket, I am aware that they are there.


32:22.349 --> 32:23.950

I got pickpocketed in Prague.


32:25.175 --> 32:32.182

And it was not a lot of money, but I always kept a little change purse in my bag.


32:32.963 --> 32:36.286

And somebody got it out of my bag and that was it.


32:36.366 --> 32:39.829

And I was like, well, I'm glad I don't keep, like I always wear one of the undershirt


32:41.673 --> 33:06.621

things when i have to travel with cash and that's where you know my important stuff was but i lost five bucks man so they had a good day so even when you know you could be pickpocketed and you think you're situationally aware you can still get pickpocketed and not know it absolutely if you're going into a high pickpocket area it is not a good idea to carry cash in your wallet


33:07.589 --> 33:35.989

or in your bag worst of all um another place people usually get swiped is falling asleep at the airport oh yeah yeah tell you how many people i've talked to said hey i fell asleep in the airport and my laptop's gone my wallet's gone my cell phone's gone i'm calling you from a random person's cell phone can you please help me yes we could but still shouldn't have been in that situation in the first place oh i know somebody whose laptop got swiped on the airplane


33:37.401 --> 33:38.421

That's kind of impressive.


33:38.601 --> 33:39.021

It was.


33:39.061 --> 33:40.362

They were in the airplane.


33:41.162 --> 33:44.742

They worked on their laptop, put it in the bag, and at some point got up to pee.


33:45.723 --> 33:52.684

Came back to their seat, didn't notice it until they walked off the plane and were going to sit down and do something, and their laptop had been taken out of their bag.


33:53.324 --> 33:55.544

Presumably by the person sitting next to them.


33:56.705 --> 34:00.865

They were able to report it and catch the person before they got to the next flight.


34:01.225 --> 34:04.006

So they got their computer back, but...


34:05.319 --> 34:13.866

Like some people are very brazen about stuff, which is kind of interesting because now I'm making everybody paranoid about being around people all the time and their stuff getting stolen.


34:13.906 --> 34:16.188

But the other thing is when you travel.


34:18.550 --> 34:20.771

Do your best not to bring stuff that can't get stolen.


34:20.811 --> 34:22.513

That's that's something I've always thought like.


34:23.900 --> 34:28.024

If this gets stolen, it's going to be a bummer, especially if they can crack my password.


34:28.064 --> 34:32.648

But if they can't crack my password, what happens is this gets reset, right?


34:33.749 --> 34:36.171

And gets resold somewhere in theory.


34:37.912 --> 34:43.917

Everything that's on this, I can restore to another one of these in about 10 minutes right now.


34:45.699 --> 34:49.202

My laptop, it would actually really hurt if that got stolen right now.


34:51.331 --> 34:54.797

So that's where I'm like, oh, that's my weak spot.


34:54.817 --> 34:56.519

Because that's usually like this.


34:56.599 --> 34:57.721

It usually can be restored.


34:57.761 --> 35:03.891

But right now there are some decisions I made about the laptop that need to be unmade if it's going to travel with me.


35:05.683 --> 35:07.705

And some things like that you can't get around.


35:08.265 --> 35:11.528

I mean, I need to bring my laptop if I'm traveling, period.


35:11.588 --> 35:12.088

End of story.


35:12.108 --> 35:12.869

It has stuff on it.


35:13.309 --> 35:14.470

I mean, like you said, my phone.


35:15.251 --> 35:18.954

I can, you know, back up everything and get it all on my new phone in 10 minutes.


35:19.534 --> 35:23.558

Also, I have a nifty app that allows me to track this, take pictures, and listen to what you're saying.


35:24.398 --> 35:27.601

So, yes, I stand good odds of getting my phone back.


35:27.701 --> 35:30.183

But if it gets lost, eh, whatever.


35:30.523 --> 35:33.085

I can literally pick up a burner at Walmart and is it great?


35:33.345 --> 35:33.546



35:33.926 --> 35:34.747

Will it do what I need?


35:34.987 --> 35:35.147



35:35.492 --> 35:36.192

Will it get me through it?


35:36.552 --> 35:36.752



35:38.573 --> 35:45.434

Another thing people can do is take photocopies of your identification and any cards you have with you and put them in your safe at home.


35:46.634 --> 35:56.896

And then if you're out and about and your passport gets stolen, at least you have the information you need to start the ball rolling to get some sort of identification.


35:57.816 --> 35:59.996

That brings me up to another travel tip.


36:01.016 --> 36:03.857

Take copies of your ID and email them to a friend.


36:04.757 --> 36:04.997

Oh, yeah.


36:05.768 --> 36:09.451

We keep copies of frequent travelers ID on hand.


36:09.871 --> 36:14.595

And if you lose your driver's license, your odds of checking into that hotel go way down.


36:16.197 --> 36:21.641

If we send them a picture of your driver's license, about 50 to 60% of the time, they'll take that.


36:22.422 --> 36:25.104

And they'll go, okay, you lost your driver's license.


36:25.144 --> 36:25.645

Totally get it.


36:26.305 --> 36:27.386

We'll work with you on this.


36:27.807 --> 36:29.508

Hopefully your card was already on file.


36:30.390 --> 36:30.650



36:31.251 --> 36:35.354

Well, and if you if you store things in more than one place in that situation.


36:35.374 --> 36:39.517

And this is because I've done months of travel with a backpack.


36:41.078 --> 36:44.060

If you don't have all of your identification with you.


36:44.360 --> 36:45.922

So if you have some at home, that's real.


36:46.846 --> 36:48.408

that can be overnighted to you.


36:49.148 --> 36:56.576

If you have a passport and a driver's license in two different places, if one gets stolen or lost, you probably have the other one.


36:56.596 --> 37:02.062

If you have them all in a nice, neat little container with your credit cards, you just lost everything at once.


37:03.163 --> 37:10.090

So I usually would have two different credit cards, separate places, two different IDs, separate places and cash separate places.


37:11.593 --> 37:11.773



37:12.153 --> 37:14.555

And sometimes you lose your social security card too.


37:15.935 --> 37:17.336

I do not walk around with that thing.


37:17.736 --> 37:18.597

Me neither.


37:20.218 --> 37:22.099

No, don't walk around with your social security card.


37:23.139 --> 37:27.742

Like some of our frequently travel clients, what they do is they keep an Amex on file with us.


37:28.262 --> 37:28.522



37:28.682 --> 37:30.963

So that way, like, and they just leave their Amex at home.


37:31.443 --> 37:38.067

So no matter what happens, oh crap, I got here and the border patrol literally stole my wallet.


37:38.367 --> 37:39.728

They do that depending on where you go.


37:40.859 --> 37:46.142

Okay, we got you, call up, get you this, get you this, get you that, charge it all, you're set.


37:47.042 --> 37:55.206

What could have been a major, you know, hiccup now just became a slight little bump in the road and you can go on with your trip in relative ease.


37:56.907 --> 38:01.369

So with your concierge service, if I lose my ID, like how do you help me out?


38:02.790 --> 38:07.332

We'll email you a copy of your ID that we got previously from you because you told us that you travel.


38:08.052 --> 38:12.975

We'd also get a general indication of the sizes and type of clothes you like to wear, long or shoe sizes.


38:13.956 --> 38:16.498

Know what type of phone you have, whether it's an iPhone or Android.


38:16.558 --> 38:18.879

So that way we can send you an appropriate charging cord.


38:20.941 --> 38:23.082

Do you ever like shoot out phones to people?


38:24.083 --> 38:24.243



38:24.623 --> 38:26.405

We had one guy who called us.


38:26.745 --> 38:28.866

I remember this one because it was from the Washington airport.


38:29.687 --> 38:31.528

And he's like, hey, can you help me?


38:31.988 --> 38:33.149

Everything just got stolen.


38:33.569 --> 38:34.810

I'm like, okay, you got your phone?


38:35.010 --> 38:37.092

No, I'm calling you from some random stranger's phone.


38:37.771 --> 38:39.032

Okay, what's around you?


38:39.052 --> 38:40.072

I'm at the Washington Airport.


38:40.132 --> 38:40.513

No, no, no.


38:40.613 --> 38:41.913

What is actually around you?


38:42.254 --> 38:43.114

There's the five guys.


38:43.514 --> 38:43.854



38:43.894 --> 38:44.555

You like burgers?


38:44.655 --> 38:44.855



38:45.175 --> 38:47.697

We're going to order you a burger, fry, and a drink.


38:48.437 --> 38:49.037

Go over there.


38:49.157 --> 38:49.417

Get it.


38:49.578 --> 38:50.058

Sit down.


38:50.478 --> 38:51.058



38:52.259 --> 38:57.102

And we had someone deliver him a cell phone, a $500 Visa gift card.


38:57.522 --> 39:01.864

We emailed a copy of his ID to the hotel and had an Uber pick him up and take him there.


39:03.445 --> 39:04.646

I bet he was happy about that.


39:05.529 --> 39:07.651

He was, he upgraded it next time he got home.


39:10.493 --> 39:11.714

So how does that get paid for?


39:11.774 --> 39:19.580

It's like, okay, so this $500 gift card, is that you pay in addition to it and the subscription that you're paying is like for the service or how does that work?


39:20.561 --> 39:24.664

In his case, the $500 gift card was wrapped up in his subscription fee.


39:25.644 --> 39:25.885



39:26.482 --> 39:29.024

So that was just part of part of the service.


39:29.824 --> 39:39.651

On the financial side, does that work because you have multiple people you're working with and it leverages together or do you buy insurance policies on top of that to cover costs?


39:39.671 --> 39:45.815

So we refer to it as flex funds per account and your flex funds can be used for anything.


39:46.556 --> 39:48.117

I need a $500 gift card.


39:48.218 --> 39:48.478



39:48.618 --> 39:49.259

I need a phone.


39:49.419 --> 39:49.760



39:50.280 --> 39:56.488

I need Uber Eats delivered to me for a week straight because my kid just got into a motorcycle accident and I'm not leaving his side.


39:56.808 --> 39:57.169



39:58.671 --> 39:58.911



39:59.031 --> 40:03.577

So you pay, I noticed on your site, it's like $50 a year up to $1,200 a year.


40:06.105 --> 40:06.866



40:06.966 --> 40:08.768

Are you adding flex funds on top of that?


40:09.048 --> 40:10.850

Or is that part of that?


40:10.870 --> 40:13.932

Flex funds are wrapped up into the subscription fee.


40:15.033 --> 40:17.395

Some guy, he travels in and out of Canada a lot.


40:17.435 --> 40:20.398

He cannot stop mouthing off to the border patrol.


40:20.858 --> 40:24.021

So they take his cell phone every single time.


40:24.702 --> 40:28.305

So every time he gets out, he's like, hey, can I get another cell phone?


40:28.665 --> 40:29.005



40:30.587 --> 40:32.749

He should just not have a cell phone in Canada.


40:34.338 --> 40:39.359

You know, he actually tried just deleting everything off it so they wouldn't have anything to hold them for.


40:39.679 --> 40:40.459

And they held them for that.


40:41.419 --> 40:42.839

Wait, why'd you delete everything off this?


40:43.560 --> 40:44.120

What are you hiding?


40:44.900 --> 40:47.900

Because at the border, you're required to open your cell phone.


40:48.720 --> 40:49.161



40:50.221 --> 40:50.421



40:50.741 --> 40:51.281

You didn't know that?


40:51.901 --> 40:59.562

No, because I don't know that I've gone to Canada with a cell phone since before flip phones went out of fashion.


41:00.142 --> 41:03.083

When you come back, they will tell you to open up your cell phone.


41:04.568 --> 41:05.509

What are they looking for?


41:05.529 --> 41:10.853

Nefarious text messages?


41:11.494 --> 41:11.814



41:12.254 --> 41:14.396

Proof of nefarious acts, stuff like that.


41:15.177 --> 41:17.659

It's one of those, what I believe is government overreach.


41:18.019 --> 41:19.000

That is awful.


41:19.941 --> 41:20.261

Isn't it?


41:20.281 --> 41:23.924

Is that going into Canada or coming back to the U.S.?


41:24.164 --> 41:24.825

Coming back.


41:25.305 --> 41:25.605



41:26.406 --> 41:26.986

So it's the U.S.


41:27.027 --> 41:27.707

government doing that?


41:28.688 --> 41:28.788



41:29.468 --> 41:31.170

Well, at least he always gets held up coming back.


41:31.250 --> 41:31.610

So, yes.


41:31.950 --> 41:32.371

It must be.


41:32.391 --> 41:33.071

Yeah, those are U.S.


41:33.151 --> 41:34.893

agents asking to see yourself.


41:35.173 --> 41:41.899

Yeah, so I have traveled with smartphones to Europe and back and not had that.


41:41.959 --> 41:43.741

I don't know why Canada would be different.


41:46.523 --> 41:48.805

They're more worried about it because we're their neighbors.


41:48.886 --> 41:49.706

I don't know what to tell you.


41:49.726 --> 41:52.669

I mean, but it's our agents on your way back in, not their agents.


41:53.370 --> 41:53.710



41:54.010 --> 41:54.771

And heck, screw you.


41:56.752 --> 41:57.573

just gave up my rights.


41:57.673 --> 41:57.773



41:57.793 --> 41:58.493

We have a question.


41:58.513 --> 42:03.276

Do they, do you help people with alternative travel arrangements?


42:03.336 --> 42:06.498

Example in July, I took a train from Hungary to Romania.


42:07.079 --> 42:14.484

There was a train wreck and one train for eight hours became a five plus a bus for 22 hours.


42:14.584 --> 42:20.928

So basically in that situation, do you help them find a better way to get somewhere when, when stuff goes wrong or.


42:21.792 --> 42:24.073

Yes, that is one of the reasons we are here.


42:24.193 --> 42:30.395

We have done everything from getting you a ride service because they have different ride services depending on where you go.


42:30.955 --> 42:33.316

And we also partner with various travel agencies.


42:34.696 --> 42:34.936



42:35.116 --> 42:39.598

I mean, generally speaking, if you book through a travel agency and something happens, they got you.


42:40.138 --> 42:41.939

They will help you work around that.


42:42.299 --> 42:43.939

Will they answer the phone 24 hours?


42:44.120 --> 42:44.820

Usually not.


42:45.520 --> 42:48.441

But when they do pick up the phone, they will help you.


42:49.764 --> 42:53.867

we had a client who his flight got canceled and he's like, I don't know what to do.


42:53.887 --> 42:54.888

I just need a ride home.


42:55.308 --> 42:56.269

I just need a ride home.


42:56.329 --> 42:57.170

I just need a ride home.


42:57.190 --> 42:58.351

I'm like, relax, relax.


42:58.871 --> 42:59.852

Ended up calling everyone.


43:00.252 --> 43:01.353

No one had a ride for him.


43:01.413 --> 43:05.336

The only thing was like one taxi service and it was going to cost a small fortune.


43:05.856 --> 43:08.819

Well, it turns out it was off season for limo services.


43:09.659 --> 43:12.962

So they were offering rides like dirt cheap.


43:13.302 --> 43:15.163

So we got this guy to stretch the limo.


43:17.265 --> 43:18.386

That's actually hilarious.


43:19.761 --> 43:20.602

Screw the taxis.


43:20.662 --> 43:21.542

I'm taking a limo.


43:22.883 --> 43:24.244

If it's cheaper, why not?


43:26.045 --> 43:31.449

Well, what basic overview advice would you give anybody who's looking to travel in 2024?


43:32.129 --> 43:33.690

Just like around the U.S.


43:37.172 --> 43:41.375

Number one piece of advice is know where you're going and know the local culture.


43:42.656 --> 43:45.398

I mean, I know that seems simple, but it's...


43:46.428 --> 43:47.990

Really not.


43:49.431 --> 43:51.333

Example, you go to Hawaii.


43:51.914 --> 43:53.115

They don't like to be rushed there.


43:53.716 --> 43:54.197



43:54.677 --> 43:55.578

End of story.


43:56.699 --> 43:59.762

I once lived there for over two years and I never once heard a car horn.


44:00.704 --> 44:05.288

Versus you go to Boston and it's, hi, welcome to Boston.


44:05.889 --> 44:07.431

I mean, it's just the way it is.


44:07.451 --> 44:08.432

Same thing with New York.


44:10.816 --> 44:14.580

Verse over there, you'll never hear a horn when the emergency vehicles come down.


44:14.921 --> 44:15.942

Everyone just pulls over.


44:15.962 --> 44:17.463

It doesn't matter what side of the road you're on.


44:17.964 --> 44:19.045

They don't like to be hurried.


44:19.085 --> 44:20.647

Your meal's coming out slow.


44:21.828 --> 44:24.351

And if you're a tourist, they're going to refer to you as a Howley.


44:24.371 --> 44:27.674

They will be very polite to you because you are bringing them a large amount of money.


44:27.694 --> 44:29.837

However, you are not one of them.


44:29.897 --> 44:30.838

Do not confuse it.


44:32.372 --> 44:41.359

Go down south, people tend to be a bit more on the polite side when it comes to customer service and a bit more rude in their personal lives.


44:42.099 --> 44:45.662

It's a weird formula, but is what it is.


44:46.422 --> 44:55.849

You go to New York, Boston, California, people talk fast, people drive fast, and you might as well get used to hearing the sounds of horns with red lights because that is your life.


44:57.470 --> 45:01.373

I'll tell you what, I live in the south and I flew home to Portland, Oregon.


45:02.227 --> 45:06.831

Well, it's not home anymore, but at the time, and I'd been here for years.


45:07.111 --> 45:13.036

And what happens in the checkout line here is you talk to people you don't know and nobody thinks it's weird.


45:14.918 --> 45:20.063

So I'm at the airport and we're going down the escalator and it's like kind of backed up.


45:20.123 --> 45:26.128

And I say something to the people in front of me and they're like, like, I'm going to ask them for money.


45:28.337 --> 45:29.638

Why did you talk to me?


45:29.698 --> 45:32.079

Northwest, you don't talk to strangers, apparently.


45:32.099 --> 45:40.545

And it seemed very unfriendly to me because I had apparently acclimated to polite conversation here out and about.


45:41.445 --> 45:42.146



45:42.166 --> 45:45.688

And I thought, man, I'm from here and you guys are rude.


45:47.819 --> 45:52.643

Or you go to New York and you try that, people are going to be reaching behind their back or backing up slowly.


45:53.023 --> 45:54.545

Because, oh, they're going to rob me?


45:55.065 --> 45:56.967

I talk to people in New York all the time.


45:57.007 --> 45:59.288

And what I learned is usually I'm asking directions.


46:00.650 --> 46:02.951

Like, is it that way to this street or that way?


46:02.972 --> 46:06.795

Because they all pop up out of the ground like a freaking prairie dog.


46:06.815 --> 46:07.856

And I'm like, I don't know where I am.


46:07.876 --> 46:10.298

And they'll be like, it's Fifth Avenue that way.


46:10.418 --> 46:15.121

And as long as you're walking the direction they are, they usually be like, yeah, that way.


46:15.998 --> 46:18.841

But if you try to stop somebody and ask them, they'd be like, screw off.


46:19.682 --> 46:22.104

So that was my hack in New York.


46:23.646 --> 46:27.770

New York, New York, and like Pine Bush, New York, very different cultures.


46:27.810 --> 46:30.573

You think that you just crossed six borders in a time zone.


46:31.293 --> 46:32.535

That is how different they are.


46:33.813 --> 46:35.394

Pine Bush, New York is out in the country.


46:35.454 --> 46:37.395

Last time I checked, it was a UFO hotspot.


46:37.895 --> 46:40.176

People went out there, watched little lights dance in the sky.


46:41.116 --> 46:42.657

Everyone's all friendly, whatever.


46:43.117 --> 46:45.938

You go to New York, New York at like two in the morning, you step outside.


46:46.619 --> 46:47.679

Very different environment.


46:48.420 --> 46:50.821

Yeah, I don't I haven't really been to rural New York much.


46:51.501 --> 46:56.443

I had an uncle who lived in Manhattan, so he used to always go there and visit him.


46:56.503 --> 46:58.344

But I don't know if he's still there or not.


46:58.624 --> 46:58.964



46:59.324 --> 47:02.746

OK, well, if people want to learn more about your service, like how do they do that?


47:04.281 --> 47:07.422

Go to


47:07.862 --> 47:19.767

Also, we are starting up a YouTube channel, giving various sorts of advice, like how to avoid bed bugs, especially if you have a job that requires you to travel and puts you up in cheap hotel rooms.


47:21.108 --> 47:21.468

All right.


47:21.668 --> 47:22.529

Any last words?


47:25.710 --> 47:26.370



47:27.290 --> 47:27.611

All right.


47:27.651 --> 47:28.771

Well, thanks for being on today.


47:28.891 --> 47:31.932

Thanks for having me, Nicole.


47:32.232 --> 47:33.253

It was a great time as always.


Dec 25, 2023

Our final version of The Night Before Christmas for 2023 will be this version recorded by the Cookeville Mastersingers in 2017 at Wattenbarger Auditorium. Merry Christmas!

Dec 25, 2023

Tonight we have a reading of the Cajun version of The Night Before Christmas by The Ellender Family - listeners of LFTN. 

Join us each night at 6pm leading up to Christmas.

Dec 24, 2023

Tonight we have a reading of the Australian version of The Night Before Christmas by Aussieroo of the TSP Zello Group.

Join us each night at 6pm leading up to Christmas.

Dec 23, 2023

Tonight we have a reading of the Scottish version of The Night Before Christmas by Jaggy Little Thistle of the TSP Zello Group.

Join us each night at 6pm leading up to Christmas.

Dec 22, 2023

Tonight we have a reading of the Pagan version of The Night Before Christmas by Mia of the LFTN Mewe Group - join the group here:

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Dec 21, 2023

Join us for the second in this year's series of versions of The Night Before Christmas for the Redneck version, read by The Tactical Redneck.

Join us each night at 6pm leading up to Christmas

Nov 1, 2023

Today's episode is a previously recorded session that I did with the Tactical Redneck at the Oct 2023 Self Reliance Festival.

Get all the recordings here for $95:

Oct 27, 2023

Today I am joined by Jenni Hill to talk about things she has learned through her battle with cancer about LIVING with dignity.

Jenni is a member of the LFTN and TSP community living with Stage 2 Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. While she introduced “The Word of The Year” to our community, she’s also exhibited her courage with being transparent and vulnerable in sharing her challenges and lessons she’s learned along the way.


Donate to Jenni's Recovery:

Q1: Give us an update on Jenni

Q2: What are some things you’ve had to prepare for while getting ready and going through the treatment process?

Q3: What sort of preparations did you make for yourself at home while having to navigate this alone?

Q4: How did you navigate conversations with people who wanted to help? Did you get any push back on your decisions?

Q5: Tell us some ways you took care of yourself when things were hard and overwhelming?

Q6: What are some things you learned while navigating this experience?

Q7: What advice or resources would you direct others to when thinking about end-of-life planning?

Q8: How are you keeping yourself positive and motivated?

Q9: What’s next?

Dec 23, 2016

Listed to a reading of The Night Before Christmas - both the traditional version and one from down under.


Merry Christmas all!


Dec 19, 2016

Today is Monday, December 19, 2016 and this is episode 16 of Living Free in Tennessee.

12/20 Update: re-recorded the first 5 minutes due to unpleasant audio.

What mother nature is providing

  • Cabbage
  • Persimmons
  • Mo’ Mushrooms
  • The watercress is still here!

Using the Prepper Pantry

Stories from the Holler

  • A postoffice story
  • Neighborhood Break In
  • Maybe a new neighbor?
  • Kittens

Interview with Samantha Comfort

  • First steps to getting your finances ready to save more money
  • Three tips to save money now: Store Rewards Programs, Get smart on using credit card rewards programs, Find ways to get cash back.
  • Ibotta
  • Zello Channel...

Christmas Dinner from the pantry

  • Roemertopf
  • Chestnut Dressing
  • Potato pancakes
  • Cabbage salad with Watercress
  • Persimmon Chutney
  • Home baked rolls
  • Green bean casserole with wild mushroom sauce and homemade “funions”
  • Holler roast coffee
  • Christmas Cookies and goodies for dessert

Which reminds me of my grandma’s story from the depression (Pig heart).

On Dec 24, we will have the reading of the Night Before Christmas for anyone interested!

Dec 5, 2016

Holler Homestead living is the topic of the day. Today is Monday, December 5, 2016 and this is episode 14 of Living Free in Tennessee. With the production of the Center Hill Sun absorbing the whole weekend, I thought it would be a good day to talk about what day to day life is looking like in December.

Show Sponsor: The Genesis House

What mother nature is providing

  • Watercress
  • Mushrooms
  • The super kale plant

Stories from the prepper pantry

  • Easy pantry management - load from the back, take from the front!
  • The Survival Podcast Recommended Episode:, FOOD STORAGE FOR MODERN SURVIVALISM
  • First thing’s first: Soft potatoes, potatoes with eyes, squash that looks at me wrong, soft onions
  • The last week of Watercress -time to freeze it for winter stews
  • Using up the canned goods from 2015 - by pulling them out

Stories from the Holler

  • The fires in the Smokies - 13 people dead so far
  • New Chestnut Recipe
  • Tennessee Food Summit - Joel Salatin and Jeff Poppin
  • Update on the new duck and chicken hoop coop

TN Food Summit --- Joel Salatin
Inform better
Create Loyalty
Become storytellers and teachers: Or food coaches

Three things you can do to start taking control of your food

  1. Establish a regular family meal 
  2. Build your pantry
  3. Find risk points: In the next two months, are there times that will be very busy? Where are they, how can you prepare something now to deal with that.

Yes winter is nigh,  go out and make it a great week!

Jun 12, 2016

One of the best ways to eat well on a budget is to buy produce when it is in season and preserve it for the whole winter. Last week, I spent $20 on 1/2 bushel of beets, an additional $5-10 on other ingredients, and ended up with fourteen jars of pickled beets. Had I preserved all the beets, I would have had 21 jars, making the cost to me a little over $1 per jar. Go try to get such a premium product for that price at the grocer. You can get crummy ones in the $1.30 range, but premium ones are $3-6 per jar.

This episode of Living Free in Tennessee walks through the process of water bath canning and shares my personal pickled beet recipe along with the recipe I inherited from my Great Aunt Helen.

May 21, 2016

Nine years ago, we started on an adventure in the country. What began as a weekend getaway quickly changed into a small homestead with chickens, gardens, laughter, neighbors, and sometimes the opposite of laughter.

The Holler Homestead is known in our area for our home roasted coffee (it takes less time to roast your own than drive to the store), elephant garlic, stone ground flour and hand rolled oats. We also help people learn how to preserve food and are keenly interested in self sufficient living.

In this first episode we cover:

1) What we're eating this week from the land

2) The independence fund

3) Managing an overwhelming list of homestead duties

4) Tea

5) My new daily planner (read about that here:

Let me know what you want to hear about next...

~Nicole Sauce

Apr 9, 2016

A recording of Sauce - the best drama rock band from Portland, Oregon! Music and words my Nicole Sauce. Performed by Sauce the band.

I wrote it about our last days together with my grandfather after we found out he was terminally ill. It was a beautiful time where we were visited by family from all over, where Grandma told stories about the past we had never heard before, and when my grandfather taught me one last lesson: death is natural and beautiful, not scary. And he loved my grandma so much that the last word we heard from him was her name.

Grandpa's Song by Nicole Sauce Williams

(Copyright 2004)

Light Love Life Hope

Light in darkness -love eternal
Life you showed us - hope - it's hopeless

Look into your eyes, now there's nothing left to say
Feeling of your hand holding on to mine today

Inside Out Bound

In the final hours together
Longed to show you - you remember

Fire in your eyes looked across the room to her
Feeling in the air taking you forever

Showed us how to right through small deeds
Speak with silence, love in all things

Look into your eyes, now there's nothing left to say
Feeling of you hand holding on for one last day