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Feb 8, 2021

Today, we will explore the concept of setting good boundaries and how that can set you free to thrive.

Vin Armani’s Class:

Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Chinese food mishmash
  • Sous vide and defrosting meats
  • Homemade dressing recipe: Mayo, balsamic, garlic powder, salt, olive oil, mustard, dash of honey
  • Meal planning by jar

Operation Independence

  • Signed up for Vin’s class to gain deeper knowledge of what crypto currency can do for me beyond transactional things
  • 6 blueberry plants with a plan to plant them

Main topic of the Show: Finding and Keeping Boundaries

Over the weekend I took on a boundary setting project. One for myself. That’s right - I am quite good at community organizing, starting new businesses, communications and marketing, teaching, and helping friends. What I am not so good at is building in time for things that are important to me. Sometimes this includes maintaining close relationships, recreation and self care, exercise, detail management. 

And like many of you,  struggle with no - yet no is the key to setting and maintaining boundaries. Not necessarily a big ol’ loud, in your face sort of no after you have let things go too far for too long - something we have all done, but just a measured no. No with no guilt. No as a matter of fact thing. And clarity - clarity of what constitutes a reasonable interaction.

Over December, I found out someone in my network was very sick. It was at an awkward time in my work schedule and I agonized over how and if to offer help. I finally decided to ask if they needed help since people are in fact more important than coffee orders. Then Mama Sauce suggested a change of wording - Do you want help.

Need versus want. A subtle change that. But an important one. It may not have changed the answer, but it did change the intention with just one word and set a clear boundary - I was willing to offer help, but was not setting myself up beyond a friendly offer to become responsible for the other person’s well-being. It was an important line to draw, not for the friend who might have wanted my help, but more for myself. 

It is funny how sometimes these topics pop up in our network at the same time. Right after I came home from a meeting with my mental health coach with an assignment about creating boundaries, I popped into the LFTN Mewe group and there they were, having a conversation about boundaries. Specifically boundaries with people in your life whom you do not feel you can cut ties with - and who are interacting in your life in unhealthy ways.

  • Review the toxic person approach we discussed several years ago

As I watched that conversation unfold, I thought -- let’s talk about some ways that it can be tricky to set up boundaries:

  1. Realizing you need boundaries
  2. Communicating them at the right time and in the right way
  3. How boundaries make you expose your vulnerabilities
  4. Clarity and openness
  5. When boundaries are not respected (consequences)
  6. You can only control yourself 
  7. Identifying who is at the core of the boundary issue

Finding models for good boundary setting and why to do it

Damage of exploding boundaries. (lemming game)

Where to focus if you are having trouble with someone breaking boundary agreements.

In the end, only you know what your boundaries need to be in your day to day life. Only you can set and defend your boundaries. Only you can define what happiness and healthiness is for you. And that is why some people have an easier time with boundaries than others. Some people really do not care if their boundaries cause temporary hurt feelings because they know that the clarity in the long run will lead to a stronger relationship if that person stays in their lives. Others agonize over the damage that having a boundary might cause never realizing that by allowing an unhealthy situation to grow, they are creating a long term relationship that perhaps should not exist. And this is why boundaries are so important. Because only you can set them, only you can defend them, and only you can only control your reaction to situations. But the cool thing is that if you control you and you do it well, that is the most powerful tool there is toward the best outcomes.

Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 


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Feb 5, 2021

Today we have a Thought of the Walk on procrastination.

Main topic: Thought of the Walk on Procrastination

The universe gave me a gift this week. The gift of five days. FIVE WHOLE DAYS. Yup, we were supposed to have a single digit temperature night this coming Saturday and while we are prepared for the cold, nights like that in Tennessee are quite unusual and I like to do an extra round of set up. Might drain the water from the house. Need to make sure we have enough wood for the rocket mass heater. Might also use electrical supplemental heat in the house. Quite unusual.

The holler neighbors sat and made a list. Then we did not get started right away because ---- overwhelmed.

Then we did get started and everyone was a little tense.

Then, as our favorite local weather commentator, Spikey Mikey says: Butterflies farted. That is the term he uses when something happens and the weather pattern shifts to the north or south of use and causes change. The cold slap in the face moved out about five days. We sighed in relief. We now have plenty of time to be ready, to update the pump house pipes, to get wood ready for everyone, to locate, clean and set up the extra electric heaters, to make sure the animals have lots of dry, warm bedding. 

And the list kept growing. And growing. And things we thought would take a little time took lots of time. And we come to Friday. The weekend is upon us. It would be so easy to just do weekend things. Catch up on housework. More work on my taxes. Put off getting ready for the cold, getting ready for the new membership portal launch, put off the crisis cold to do list. But that would be the wrong move, wouldn’t it?

Procrastination is nothing other than instant gratification. We find something to do that gives us the feeling of happiness, or accomplishment, that is not really the priority because we are looking at an overwhelming and difficult things we must do and it is so much nicer to have that feeling than to face the overwhelming task. My laundry is folder oh so nicely and put away when I am faced with a really tight deadline and a really hard task. And the food I cook - stellar all from scratch. And sometimes this causes me to miss deadlines which is much more damaging to my long term goals and psyche than just diggin in and doing the hard work.

And that is the thing: If we all just learn to do our homework on a regular basis, we can get so much further in our respective journeys than if we cave in and satisfy the siren’s call of prorastination.

Jack Spirko reminded me of an old article that I read either by or about  Zig Ziglar’s methods about planning your time as if you are preparing to go on a vacation at work.  (Tell the story)

Turns out that he is right - if you approach the end of your week as if you are going to be gone for the next week or so, you find that you quickly identify the truly important things and do them and it cuts all the procrastination things that get in the way.

So back to procrastination - are you falling into that trap? How is your tax preparation going? Have you taken the first step toward starting you new side hustle or growing the one you have? Are your kids in the back seat this weekend when they should be part of your focus? Are you, as I am, staring at a very unorganized junk drawer instead of sending invoices to clients? 

And if so - which of these things are procrastination and which are your priority. Might be something to think about tonight after dinner, as you flow into your weekend. Maybe put thoughts or talk about things that are making you feel overwhelmed? Then ask yourself how you can eliminate the negative impact from your life by making positive steps toward handling them?

What really got me to thinking about this today are some drains and the impending cold. We have been fighting with a pretty nasty drain installation project for months and today it is beautiful. Assuming that the drains would be all laid out, I decided to take a break from shipping coffee to order a skid steer for the weekend to cover in all the ditches. The homesteading benefit of this is immense - we can move firewood with it, we can smooth places out, we can scrape sod on that new garden space. So I ordered it.

Come to find out, the ditches are still not right. Two days of hand digging are already invested in it and let me tell you, that kind of work is back breaking stuff. 

So I paused for a moment, despite wanting to get this podcast out, despite needing to start the dishwasher and finish mailing the coffee and thought about the big picture. I consulted with all involved and thought, if we don’t address this now, we will procrastinate the hell out of the project until two or three more weeks from now, we will feel overwhelmed about not making progress and all the other important things that need to happen in spring will be delayed.

And while I did have an important schedule of achievements that need to happen today, including if the coffee is not out when the mailman comes, I have to drive an hour to drop off packages, I took more time to find a solution. Because while accomplishing all my other things would have felt good, procrastinating the solution to this one project had much deeper and more painful implications.

So the whole day has been rearranged. The holler neighbors have traded around some responsibilities for the day so that everything that is important is covered. And we have a solution that will dig the dang ditches, and leave us ready for that skid steer work that will boost us ahead.

We chose to look at the snarl and solve it rather than avoid it with instant gratification in the form of achieving other things instead. And this makes me even more excited about what can be done this weekend to move all our lives forward.

So if you are feeling overwhelmed - spend 30 minutes, just 30 minutes, thinking about the what and why of it, ask yourself what you would do if you had to leave town this Sunday evening, and do what you need to do to get ahead. Because addressing the procrastination trap a little at a time is what will build your habit for long term growth and success, and being h onest about what must be accomplished is how you establish a better balance as you do it.

Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. It makes a great Christmas Gift!


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Feb 3, 2021

Today, we talk about deb payoff and I will share with you the things I waste my money on. Why? Because this is part of the process if paying off debt.

Direct Download

Stump the Sauce

  • From Alan - How do you protect your aquaponics plumbing through deep freezes?

Spring is Coming!

  • Setting out the seedling schedule (some start this weekend)
  • Seeking 6 blueberry bushes -- anyone?
  • Early weed controls need to happen now
  • Scooping poop
  • Anti chicken defense fencing going up
  • Outdoor hydroponics systems setup (and planning for the worm casting juice experiment)
  • Also: Pigs or no pigs?

Main topic of the Show: Wasting Money While Paying Off Debt

I have been meaning to share with yall my journey to pay off bad debt - as in revolving debt - which started 4-5 years ago and has been a pretty bumpy road. But the end of my journey is very close at hand and over the years, my needs and wants have changed dramatically.

How I ran into trouble:

  • A practice of putting things on low interest cards and paying them off (real estate and home improvements)
  • Spending to fill an emotional void or cheer myself up
  • A lifestyle of travel for work and not keeping my financial house in order -- upwards of $10k a year would go on my credit cards and no expense reports would be submitted
  • An instant gratification mindset
  • Am ever-increasing salary

Biggest two: the mental and emotional issues, an expensive paperwork aversion

The antidote:

  • Dave Ramsey - emergency fund: with alterations
  • Cash/Budget/Failure/Success
  • Fits and starts and why
  • Sell all the things, unless they do not sell then give them away (getting the house in order)
  • Beans and rice, rice and beans did not work: Mental and emotional health and its impact on the process, scarcity mindset, if you feel poor you are poor
  • What did work: commitment to paying it off with a schedule and decision to all all “extra” money to the project | much larger emergency fund | bringing down monthly costs | building in a non-poverty mindset with things that don’t count as debt payoff

Behold the list

  • House cleaning of $100/month
  • 3 alcoholic beverages at home per week
  • A really nice home espresso maker
  • Imported chocolate
  • Non-budget food: grassfed meats, etc (How I control cost on this)
  • Biweekly counseling appointments
  • Pets
  • Amazon Prime (soon to go away)
  • Travel to workshops and events
  • Home improvement
  • Seeds and plants
  • Food Preservation Purchases (The $800 cryovac an how I made that decision)

What is not on the list (very often)

  • Buying coffee, dinner, fast food out
  • Concerts, etc
  • Expensive travel, cruises, etc
  • Corporate wardrobes
  • Keeping up with the Joneses devices, cars, clothing, hair, makeup, shopping items, decorations, furniture, etc
  • Charitable contributions beyond my means
  • Crypto currency investment schemes
  • Casino time
  • Nights at the bar

You can do this!

Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 


Advisory Board



Feb 1, 2021

Today, we discuss how the first month of a year focused on balance went and lessons learned to roll forward into my life. 

Event Highlights

  • Rogue Food Conference, June 5
  • Phireon Launch in Florida - join their network for more information

Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Increase on preparing Holler Neighbor Meals with Holler Stores
  • “Fast Food”
  • 1st lettuce harvest
  • Shelving Dreams

Operation Independence

  • Shifting from month in review to month in advance
  • 3 event fridges for $300
  • Rental Challenges

Main topic of the Show: 


It seemed like the perfect word going into 2021. After a year of growth through a very challenging environment, balance is the obvious next step. Do I want a life where I work all the time and make no time for the other things I enjoy? What about my health and nutrition? What about creating a beautiful place to live? What about my friends and relationships?

Yes. Balance.

I started January full of starry-eyed hope and set out a plan where I journal at the end of each day, set the plan for the next day. My aim has been to work very hard on certain days of the week, leave other days open, and almost never do “business” work on the weekends.

A good walk of my dogs takes about an hour. There are 24 hours in a day. Therefore I should be able to walk my dogs just about every day and both they and I will be happier and more productive.

To support this, I made a few changes:

  1. I hired in someone to clean my house every other week, as well as added someone to help with coffee orders once a weeek (goal, simplification)
  2. I looked over all my processes with an eye toward automation
  3. I looked for things that take lots of time and don’t move me forward

My morning routine got a face lift too

  1. Reading time for learning
  2. Tidying time
  3. Then start the day’s activities which were written up the night before

But I got most of my stuff done in January - those things important to me:

  • Regular podcasts
  • Participating in the Greater Reset
  • Successful LFTN Spring Workshop Launch
  • Year over Year growth of Holler Roast Coffee
  • Lots of debt paid off
  • The roasting camper sold
  • 6 months of tax data prepared for the CPA
  • A successful regional freedom cell event
  • Personal documentation developed
  • A second old vehicle obtained as backup for my primary old vehicle
  • 7 lbs shed

Some things I have learned about balance in the last four weeks:

  1. No.
  2. The Walk Away Method.
  3. Watching the news or dumpster fires on social media is even more important to avoid.
  4. Balance works exactly like freedom.
  5. Get your houses in order. 

You have to have your house, financial house, health house, work house, friendship house, mental health house, recreation house, hobby house and learning house in order to truly find balance. If you neglect any of these, they will quickly take over your life. 

Remember that life strategic plan I talk to you guys about all the time? I had three strategic areas of focus:

1) Debt Payoff

2) Health and recreation

3) Increase stable/local revenue

To attain true balance I must address all my messy houses. This doesn’t mean I have not been addressing them, but it is time to ramp it up. SO the replacement area of focus will be that All My Houses are in order so that they empower me rather than hold me back. And under that I will set 2021 achievements. One of which is the rest of my debt payoff (that needs to still happen), weight loss and fitness goals, etc.

The life you want is within your grasp if you but reach out with purpose and intention. 

Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 


Advisory Board


Jan 29, 2021

Today we have a thought of the walk on mind control as well as some thoughts on how to break the cycle if you are in it (and maybe don’t even know it).

Greater Reset tonight -- community - I will be on the air talking about getting our tn freedom cell network up and running.

Friday Feature: Eric Meyers Online

What’s Up in the Garden

  • Continuing to get beds ready
  • Setting out early spring seeds

Main topic of the Show: TOTW on Mind Control

It struck me the other day that people are walking around hypnotized

Hypnotized and unable to react to things with critical thought, an open mind and heart, or a willingness to learn.

  1. Bullying
  2. Fear of change 
  3. Go along to get along

And the funny thing is that I am not 100% certain that I am not also hypnotized. I would like to think I am not, but

We as a society have become hypnotized, and those who break out are not to be tolerated.

So then what can we do about this? How do we wake people up.

It goes back to gardening: Do no harm and plant seeds. 

So how then do we protect ourselves from falling trap to this hypnotism?

Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 


Advisory Board



Jan 27, 2021

Today I will walk you through my indoor lettuce growing operation for 2021.

Medical system frustration story.

Greater Reset 

What’s Up in the Garden

  • Hillside garden is ready but the chickens are still getting in
  • Starting early spring starts
  • Setting up row covered areas for carrots, brassicas, radishes
  • Forging new grow space with tarps

2021 Winter Lettuce Growing System

Why I grow lettuce inside

What I did Last Year

Lessons learned: (Volume, algae, EC Meter and nutrient, plant spacing, lighting cycles)

This year’s system (16 Plants every two weeks)


  • Week One: Germination and root development
  • Week Two: Prepare for Kratky Air Gap
  • Week Three: Transplant to Grow Bin (Start New Seeds)
  • Week Four: First Harvest
  • Week Five: Second Harvest
  • Week Six: Final Harvest


Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 


Advisory Board


Jan 25, 2021

Today by request of the chatter over in our MeWe group, I will share with you my perspective as a landlord of 20 years, tell you the story of how I got started and what brought me to this point, as talk about some best practices I have put in place to support by growing business.

This is not investment, legal or real estate advice - rather I will share my personal journey.

Save the date: Rogue Food conference, June 5 in Tennessee - more details as things develop at

The Greater Reset starts tonight at 6pm Central and sessions will stream here:

Today’s topic: The Agora. 

Tomorrow at 6: Take Control of Your Health and Education

Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Crawling through the food and buying lots of fresh - will adjust grocery list for next month
  • Fresh salad update (video coming out this week)
  • Monthly grocery update: $260 excluding feed and including all non food replenishings
  • Duck Fat Roasted Cauliflower with Truffled Parmesan - a recipe

Featured Forage: Update

  • tubers: sassafrass, jerusalem artichoke and dandelion

Operation Independence

  • Event Chair Score
  • Focus on Taxes 

Main topic of the Show: My Experiences With Rental Properties

How I became a landlord:

  • Childhood, father, and first job
  • Starter Home Purchase and Renting Rooms
  • Assisting a friend with managing and maintaining their 5 rental properties
  • Cross-country move
    • PDX Rental and lessons learned
      • Long distance management is tough
      • Drugs and other crimes
      • Property managers
    • Moving to the country - Nashville Experience
      • More troubles with late rent/damages
      • Being Nice
      • The full eviction process
      • Recouping damages
      • Background checks
  • Renting for property appreciation vs Cashflow vs vacation rentals
  • My current strategy: Cashflow
  • Best Practices
    • Background checks
    • Rent slowly, evict quickly
    • Digital payments (I use
    • Bank Account Discipline
    • Tracking Miles Driven - what did and did not work for me)
    • Choosing paint and fixtures
    • Strictly by the book on contractual items
    • Showing kindness to your clients (AKA renters)
    • Outsourcing Maintenance (Look at the ROI)
    • Landlord Associations
    • Find Mentors

Purposefully did not talk about rental laws, business structure and liability protections because this is very specific to your location, where your rentals are, and what your long term plans are with the properties. 

Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 


Advisory Board


Jan 22, 2021

Today I am excited to have an interview show for you that I am sure you will love: we will talk about the best decentralized video platform I have used from a user standpoint and to do that, we have Jeremey Kauffman the CEO who is also a freedom loving New Hampshire Freestater. I think y’all will love this episode.

Friday Feature: LFTN

Show Resources

Connect with Jeremy @jeremykauffman on Twitter 

Main content of the show

Jeremy Kauffman is the CEO of Lbry and Odysee a great decentralized video platform that empowers the content creators and offers a better alternative to YouTube.

Make it a great weekend!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 


Advisory Board



Jan 20, 2021

Today Sue Zoldak joins me to talk about a myriad of things: community, marketing on Mewe, the state of the Union, and much more.

Greater Reset Jan 25-29, 2021 - Do not miss it!

Email feedback to

Stump the Sauce

  • What to do with coffee grounds on the homestead

What’s Up in the Garden

  • Hillside garden update: Looking for a good gentle mulch
  • Found sweet potatoes
  • Setting the foundation for early spring planting in the upper and hillside gardens

Main topic of the Show: A Fireside Chat with Sue Zoldak

About Sue Zoldak

After a decade in the public relations agency world, Sue Zoldak founded The Zoldak Agency in 2016 after leaving a stint at the RNC during the 2014 cycle where she met her future business partner, Cassie. The Zoldak Agency serves organizations, trade associations, grassroots coalitions, and campaigns to further their communications and outreach goals with one purpose: to help her clients pass or defeat legislation. Zoldak loosely translates into "hired gun" in Slovak and she certainly loves to win.

Why we love her

  • She always gives to the LFTN community
  • She is not afraid to share her opinions and will love you even if you do not agree
  • She cooks some pretty great looking things for dinner
  • Design is in her blood
  • She is not afraid to admit when she is feeling weak
  • She REALLY likes to win
  • She has a great sense of humor and likes to have fun

Find Sue:

Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 


Advisory Board



Jan 18, 2021

Over the weekend, we met in the mountains and shared ideas, feelings, information and camaraderie at The Station at 19e on Roan Mountain. Today, I will share some of my thoughts from this experience and what it means for the “New Normal.”

A Spring Workshop Update: We sold out over the weekend but if you were paying attention to TG or Mewe, I opened up four more tickets. Those are already gone, so if you had wanted to go but did not grab a ticket in time, sign up for the waiting list.

Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Expanding into 2 pantries: personal and communal
  • Monthly Grocery Shopping Update (too much milk, just enough produce minus that one kale issue, restock will take about a week between online orders and in-person shopping.)
  • Sprouts Story
  • Not using salsa fast enough (WHAT?)
  • Pantry Management Webinar 

Operation Independence

  • Holler Roast Growth Idea and a meeting with another craft roaster

Main topic of the Show: There Really is a New Normal

It was so very cool - 33 of us decided to go into the mountains and meetup at a hiker’s hostel. It was a meetup on crack. 

Freedom Cell and what it is -- 

The why

How the meetup came to be

The purpose of the meetup

Things I learned

Make it a great week!

Song: DR Feeley Dr Skinner

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 


Advisory Board


Jan 15, 2021

It’s a Friday so we usually do an interview show or a thought of the walk. What is a thought of the walk -- simply a short episode where we dive into a single concept. How do I pick the topic? I go for walks with my dogs and shut off all media. While out and about, something that has been niggling on my brain often comes clear, then I share it with you.

This week, I have been thinking about punitive and restorative justice and will share my thoughts on that with you later in the show.

Workshop Ticket Update

Social Media and the move toward more decentralization and additional platforms

Justice - the idea that we can make right the wrongs that inevitably happen in this world. Drove you car into someone’s house because you fell asleep at the wheel -- well you ought to pay to fix it. Stole a chocolate egg from the store? How do you make that right? Pay for it?

Justice get’s harder as transgressions get bigger. Kidnapped and killed someone -- how do you ever make that right with the family? Can you be trusted to walk freely among society? If not, is the rest of your life in prison the answer, or something else. What is a proper response to kidnapping and killing someone?

It turns out that justice, while a very simple concept, becomes much more complex as we dive more deeply into it. People push for justice from people who new the person who transgressed. People want their pound of flesh because they were hurt. People want their pound of flesh on behalf of someone they perceive to have been harmed who is not themselves demanding one. People want things righted from generations past. 

The problem? People got involved.

Yet that which is complicated is usually made so because we tend to take a simple concept, in this case justice, and make it complicated in order to manipulate things into going our way even when the simple interpretation does not go as far as we would wish. By over rotating on the concept, we can manipulate others into giving us what we want.

But is that truly justice?

One way to think about justice and how it is wielded is to break it down into two categories: punitive and restorative. 

Simply put, punitive justice sets up the framework for retribution against the transgressor. Think eye for an eye. At the end of a punitive approach, the person who transgressed will be hurt so that they are also hermed as were the person or people they harmed. 

The death penalty for murderers is an example of punitive justice. The person killed someone or many someones and therefore they themselves must also die. The families and friends of those killed, while they may get a bit of a morale boost, receive nothing to restore the damage caused to their lives.

Restorative justice on the other hand takes a different approach. It seeks to restore relationships and repair the damage caused by the transgression. This is most easily accomplished in crimes that are nonviolent but it is also possible in a murder case to come together and find a clear path toward reparations. In a murder case, it may mean that the transgressor agrees to send half their income to the family of the person they killed. This of course assumes the person does not kill again and there is no “Template” for what the right answer is to restore that kind of damage since you can never bring a person back -- at least not with our current technology.

Note: I do realize that there is also a concept around rehabilitative justice, but am concentrating on the two concepts for the purposes of today’s show.

Part of why the action taken against Parler is so disturbing this week is the punitive nature of the action taken being far out of scale for the transgression: They allowed people to freely exchange ideas. They are having their lives destroyed for someone else's action because they did not intervene to stop it before there was even any proof that the hot air posturing was going to be acted upon.

Because they did not take punitive action against people who had not really done anything wrong, they must be annihilated.

It is quite dangerous to encourage this sort of action. Yet we have set up in our society the approach that it is ok to take 5 pounds of flesh in exchange for the slightest perception of a transgression. Think expelling a child for eating his poptart into a gun shape. Publishing names addresses and calling for violence against the children of politicians we don’t agree with. Getting people fired from their jobs because we do not agree with their opinions.None of these actions address a core problem with an eye toward making amends or even persuading the person to change from their heart. Rather, it extends a stick or threat over their head and over the heads of all others so that they do not step out of line. A stick will work to change behavior -- but only for a time.Point: We are all tempted to demand punitive justice, but a restorative approach is better and those that demand their pound of flesh are making the division in our society far worse.

Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. It makes a great Christmas Gift!


Advisory Board



Jan 13, 2021

Today I will share with you a real view of the first week of January on the homestead.

Spring Workshop Tickets go on sale on Friday at 9am - make sure you can log in. It is all tested and ready to go!

The Greater Reset Online Conference

What’s Up in the Garden

  • Hillside garden update
  • Getting beds ready with mulch and early spring weeding
  • Indoor Lettuce update

Main topic of the Show: Real Life Homestead Week One


  • The finish list: Hillside garden
  • Firewood trimming
  • Compost Bin Redo
  • Preparing the camper for sale
  • Indoor Lettuce & Sprouts
  • Egg log: 7 at 8:30 -- 4 if collected earlier 

Food Highlights

  • Turkey in halves (Baked and curried)
  • Wild and garden foraged greens
  • Started Sauerkraut

The Suck

  • Snow+Cold+Mud and the pig pasture
  • Country Dirt OMG
  • Chased by Pigs
  • Pump House Fail

The Fun

  • Brutus the slow riser
  • The Coffee Dogfood
  • The Pig Milk Incident

Quaint Things That Seem Normal

  • Why I do Laundry Every 2 days
  • Row cover on, row cover off
  • Making Mayo to make Deviled Eggs (and the lesson this week)

Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 


Advisory Board



Jan 12, 2021

Today, I will share with you an alternative perspective to the Parler hullabaloo. One separated from a political party. Both Republicans and Democrats have this wrong -- and yet Big Tech has showed that, once again, absolute power corrupts absolutely. We will also talk about making some changes in how we operate.

Spring Workshop 2021 Jan 25-29

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Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Snow=smokin bacon
  • Update on monthly grocery approach ($150 and so far so good)
  • Using up the last of the 2019 canned goods and shifting things around
  • How Holler Neighbor Dinners are shifting food approach

Operation Independence

  • Debt Payoff Update - Selling The Things
  • Balance, Week One

Main topic of the Show: Big Tech Bullies

Things I am trying: Telegram, mewe, signal, protonmail,,, octopus mail (I will let you know how it goes)

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Jan 8, 2021

Today, I wanted to take a deeper look at building community and foundational principles that I think are important to keep in mind. This is the start of this topic and I hope to hear from you if you think things can be combined or if something is missing, keeping in mind that the more rules you put in place, the easier it is for a community to transform from happy and functional to bureaucratic and abusive.

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  • Holler Neighbor Livestream - an update

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Main topic of the Show: Organizing Principles of Community

Thoughts on why there is so much confusion about community.

A few Tangible Examples: Underground railroad, Underground Economy in Soviet Russia

  1. Purpose
  2. Open Communication
  3. Principle over process
  4. Member Expectations 
  5. Moral Foundation 
  6. Get Real About Strengths and Weaknesses 
  7. Time for Relationship Development and Fun
  8. Let It Go
  9. Eliminate the Chaff

Building community is not something you generally have to start on your own - and in fact it really does not work that way. LOTR story. Get started by seeing what communities are already around you, find your people, invest time, love and knowledge -- and let it build itself over time. 

I know many of you feel urgent about this right now, but this is not something you just suddenly do. It is like a spark that becomes a flame that becomes a fire that becomes a bonfire. It will fo at its own pace and the best thing you can do is set a good foundation, guide it as you must, and let it develop into what it will be

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Jan 7, 2021

Monday’s show was three hours and it was so dark at times that I thought a live feedback show would be a good idea. The challenge being that some of you have not listened to Monday’s show yet because it is so long. But enough of you have that I have a set of things to talk about AND I wanted to talk about real community and what it means - because our prosperous US Society has done a pretty good job of changing the perception of how community works both through social networks and also government imposed, top-down, corporatized systems.

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January Prepper Projects

  • Freedom Cell meetup
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#HollerHatWednesday: Has died because IG

What’s Up in the Garden

  • Preparing beds as weather permits
  • Planting fall bulbs
  • Daikon in problem areas
  • Mulching around early spring plants that are already up
  • Thoughts on Spring this Year -- playing plant roulette stronger this time bc it is like $1 in seed

The Dim Age Feedback

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GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 

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Jan 4, 2021

Vin Armani joins me for today’s episode to discuss the coming dim age - and I think he is right about this. We discuss why he thinks one is coming with a particular focus on learning from past historical stories. We also talk about what it means for day to day life and, at the very end, what you should put in place to navigate this change. Because it is important to do what you can to protect both for your short term comfort and to set a foundation for your children’s future.

Before we do that, I wanted to give you the January updates. The Living Free in Tennessee Workshop is coming fast and we have some fantastic sessions coming your way. 

April 22-24

Presenters are coming from all over our community and the country. You really do not want to miss this one. Tickets are $450 this year and will go on sale first to members, then to the general public. Camping is included and there are great room rentals nearby if you are not the camping sort.

Member tickets will go on sale on January 15 and to non-members on MLK day, January 18th. Do pay attention to as we update the information from the 2020 event to this year’s shindig!

Vin Armani Bio

Vin Armani is a philosopher, serial tech entrepreneur, and CryptoSavage. In addition to being an author and speaker, he has made his living as a television star, film producer, high-end male escort, software developer, art gallerist, pirate radio station operator, DJ, music producer, and motorcycle courier. He studied Philosophy at Howard University.

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Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Turkey Time
  • Once a month grocery shopping and a cheat
  • $800 cryovac machine
  • Spices and teas
  • The homesteading journal

Operation Independence

  • “Closed” allowed some catch up on basic Maintenance
  • Rocket Mass Heater Report
  • Lettuce us started and germinated 

Main topic of the Show: Navigating the Dim Age with Vin Armani

When I did this interview with Vin, it was a hard discussion to have. Hard because I can see which story in history we are living right now. Hard because my close friends and family think that I am referring to Donald Trump when I bring it up and that Joe Biden is going to fix it. They do not realize that it doesn't matter who is in power. Hard because it feels like we have “stopped thinking” but the reality is that most people never did think. They parroted as if they are thinking. And that parroting is why it has been so easy to set up so-called experts in places of authority claiming they have THE answer releasing smart-sounding soundbites that are repeated and repeated and repeated until they sound true, feel true and are taken as facts. 

But as my friend Kevan likes to say Do Hard Things. 

So I see today’s interview as a wake up call to those who have not seen what is coming. As a look at the makeup-less morning face in the mirror after a sleepless night. As that belly roll hanging out in the mirror when you are not wearing spanx. We have some time right now to consider what is happening without the pretty trappings of “for the greater good” or “doing your part”. We are being gas lighted and have been for a long time.

When we accepted TSA Pre as a thing, we set a foundation for segmenting the population into two groups so that one can be pitted against the other. And that is just one example of the slow and subtle march toward this dim age. A time when the negative, power hungry elite seek to control the masses through division.

And yet if you look at the last time this cycle happened in history you also see bright spots and light. We have been here before and some stood up. Some stood out. Some quietly created systems and communities of support that operated outside the power structures being imposed on those around them. They set a foundation for an age of reason. And in this particular story, that is the denouement. That is how it ends - with a new and better story.

So I hope you will approach this episode with an open heart and mind. And when you feel that tightening of fear that you will pause, take a deep breath, and look at the belly fat in the mirror. 

Wednesday’s episode will be a follow up to this episode and I invite you to send me your thoughts, questions and ideas.

Freedom Cell Event

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GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 


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